Making a Statement: The 2 Piece Suit

Hi Guys,

I hope yall are doing great!

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but your girl has been thrifting like crazy! There are several uploads on my channel of me taking you guys along. In one of those uploads, I told you that I make a wish-list of things to look for while thrifting. A denim jacket has been on that list forever! I just can’t seem to find…THAT ONE! I’m still looking though. Another item that made the list was a few 2 piece suits. I would love a velvet one, a cord one, and a

sequin 2 piece suit! Finding all 3 of those would be a dream.0C7EE83A-1DA8-44E0-9CA7-2DDA4103EE1206B155C2-8CFD-4CF4-816B-59E8E8A8A83BFD42DE7A-3127-402F-B475-D915B806784E a recent thrifting trip to Goodwill, I ran across this 2 piece suit & really liked it! It was a size too big for me, but I figured I could make it work. The suit was $10.99, which I wasn’t willing to pay. I liked it, but didn’t love it (mainly because of the fit). Low and behold, it was a blue tag item, and was 50% off that day! For $5.50, I snatched that thang up so quick & headed to the register. Besides a handbag, this was the only other thing I purchased. E34F455F-1B49-4CD6-BC66-1548F87702D7 3D05C7BD-2544-4047-9091-4D58132E1AA509381E09-F60A-4899-88F0-E569C9065A9E1DB6F173-0405-40A1-A346-2036B3F4BFAFSince the fit wasn’t “just right”, I decided to pair it with a fitted lace blouse. The blouse added a bit of feminimity to the look, especially the bell sleeves. To accessorize the look, I went with a small crossbody bag from Coach, a pair of vintage earrings, and also threw on a belt to accentuate the waist.  I found this one at the Goodwill Pound Store, along with a ton of other cool belts (haul coming soon). The item that sealed the deal on this outfit was the boots! The boots gave this suit a completely different look. They added a retro, late 80’s vibe to this suit. A look that I absolutely love! C92D17EE-E456-4F5E-8760-83F2BA0EB6728F9F8EAE-993A-48D9-97B6-DC51707EFEF830C3078D-43FF-4ED1-B787-BD426DE50787D5CAAE16-0CAE-4109-BDB6-623CACC72973

What have you guys thrifted lately? Let’s chat!


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    January 25, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    Love the suit! And those pink boots!!

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    March 19, 2018 at 2:58 am

    Nice outfit…the suit was a steal at $5.50! Those boots are amazing! Was the lace top a thrift find?

    No thrifting for me lately. I need to get out there but I need to declutter and organize first…lol

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