Reviving a Tapered Cut (Creme of Nature products)

A few months ago, I attended a Creme of Nature event in my city. Unbeknown to me, they were looking/admiring the crowd that attended. They were scoping out people to win prizes for various categories they secretly picked. For some odd reason, they thought I deserved to win ‘Best Hair/Haircut” for the event. This was a huge surprise and honor. The prize that was given to me was a gift basket FULL of Creme of Nature products, including a t-shirt, a selfie stick, and hair products. (So sorry, but I completely forgot to take a pic of the prize.)

Since my hair was looking a bit lackluster, I decided to give these products a whirl. I have never used an entire brand on my hair from start to finish. I always use a combination of different products from various brands. I hope you guys enjoy the video! Click on the pic to watch the tutorial.