Athleisure Wear

How are you guys feeling about the athleisure wear trend? I’m kinda digging it! I love the coordinating jogger sets, especially the crop top options. Pair that with some cool sneakers and you have yourself an outfit. However, I’m over 35 (actually closer to

40), so I don’t overdo the trend. I like to add a lot more femininity to my daily style. For those days when I’m just running errands or not really going anywhere, this trend is perfect for me. I just hate looking like I’m going to the gym. Do you guys ever feel like that?
IMG_8603 IMG_8602

Leggings: Puma, Shirt: Aeropostale, Crop Top: Rainbow Stores, Crossbody Bag: Coach, Sneakers: Puma, Earrings/Sunglasses: Forever 21

IMG_8601 IMG_8612

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