How to Style: OTK Boots & Shorts

Hey Loves, I wanted to share this really cool & edgy look with you all. Can you believe I thrifted everything (except the boots)? I love me some good thrifting finds. Hopefully, you all follow my YouTube channel so that you can get to see a lot of the things that I thrift. I also make sure to do a try-on portion in the videos too, just so that you can see what the items look like on.

But, let’s get into this outfit. I find that wearing over the knee boots with shorts can be kind of intimidating, especially if you’ve never tried a look like this before. With my shorts, I felt there were a tad short for my comfort level of wearing them with OTK boots. That’s why I chose to get these little bicycle shorts to go underneath.

Digression: Y’all remember when we used to wear bicycle shorts back in the day? I had the black ones with the hot pink stripe down the side with the matching crop top. Baby, you couldn’t tell me nothing with my extra skinny self. I thought I was thick though! LOL

Ok, back to the outfit…To avoid looking too “Pretty Woman-like”, I always go for a loose fit with my shorts. I would have been just fine wearing a tight shirt, but not tight shorts. I think that would have just screamed, “I’m headed to go stand on this corner to make a lil coin”. I also decided to add a plaid shirt around my waist to give my look an edgier vibe. And there you have it folks, this is one of the ways I style OTK boots & Shorts.



Boots: Kelsi Dagger, Backpack: Forever21, Denim Shirt: Old Navy, Denim Shorts: Ralph Lauren, Plaid Shirt:

Let me know down in the comment section how you wear OTK boots & shorts. I’d love to chat with you!

See you guys soon,


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    December 8, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Awesome look, especially for our weather! I will try to pull this off (maybe) LOL. and I just about died when you said it screamed of making a lil coin on the corner!!!

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