How to Transform Cheap Art

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Have you ever been to one of these cheapie little dollar stores and see a piece of art that is kinda cute? That’s what happened to me one day while in a store called Maxway. I’m not sure if they’re all over the U.S., but they are in Florida. I stop in from time to time, just to see what they have. I fell in love with this leopard canvas print. The only thing is that it had this extremely shiny clear coat over the top of it. That made it look so cheap! But, I still loved it. I put it in my cart, and continued to walk around a bit. The entire time, I was trying to think how in the world I could transform this piece to make it look “expensive”. Then a light bulb went off! I could spray paint it, then rough it up a bit with a little sandpaper. If my plan failed, it was only $9.

Here’s what I started with. See, it’s a cute piece, just needs a little TLC. All I did was apply a very thin layer of white spray paint. After that dried, I used a 100 grit sand paper to roughen it up a bit. I was thrilled at how this piece transformed. I think it looks so good on my gallery wall! What do you guys think? Gallery Wall10
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What would you have done with this piece? I would love to hear!