Having it All

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nissan.  However, y’all know I have my own opinions.

What’s your idea of having it all? Do you think “having it all” means you’re rich or wealthy? Does it make you think about material things? Having it all has many meanings for everyone. For me, it’s definitely not about material things. I look at my life, and I know that I have it all. I’m blessed to have a wonderful family, that has grown (I’ll tell you about that in another post), I’m healthy, and I’m thankful for life. I wake up every day appreciating life, and everything that matters to me. Growing up in a small town, we never had much. My Grandmother & Grandfather worked hard to provide for us. The main things they taught us was how to love, respect, and appreciate the people in our lives.


In the video below, Geneva Thomas, TV personality and journalist, shares how she has it all. Listen carefully, as everything is not about the material aspect. She talks about her mom and her love for fashion. She talks about her sorority. If you know anything about sororities, then you know that is a tight knit group of inspiring women. Now don’t get me wrong, her  New York apartment is also very fly. Did you see that couch? OMG!

To me, having it all also means to be an inspiration to people. You never know who you are inspiring, whether it’s your personality, your fashion sense, or just your drive to succeed in life. I constantly think about the choices I make. I have people who look up to me, especially my daughter. I’ve always strived to play a positive role in her life, just like my Grandmother did for me. And for that, I am grateful. For that, I have it all!

How do you define “Having it All”?


With its stylish looks and premium interior, the Nissan Altima is just as much as an individual as you are. Not fitting into one mold is what makes the Nissan Altima not only unique, but very exciting!


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