Hats Off to Nneka Saran

Hey Loves! Sooooo I know its been a while since I’ve done an outfit post, but I’ve just not had any motivation lately. I’ve been extremely lazy & really hadn’t felt like getting dressed. These days, my daily outfit consists of jeans, a t shirt, and flip flops. I’m pretty sure you guys don’t want to see that. Another thing that has been hindering my posts, is the fact that I’ve also been struggling with my hair. Its at an awkward stage right now & basically Continue Reading

Turban Time

Hey guys! My name is Prissy, and I have been such a terrible blogger! I really have missed you all. I have alot of catching up to do on some of my favorite blogs as well. As you know I’m going natural, and this hair is killing me! I am trying so hard NOT to go back to my relaxer, but the creamy crack keeps calling me. When Mattie posted this video on her YouTube channel Continue Reading

Something New

Happy Sunday, Loves! With the new year here, I thought I’d do something different. I want your suggestions on what you’d like to see here on “our” blog! I was thinking I would start doing haul videos.  I could even do question/answer videos! I know some of you have requested an eyebrow tutorial as well. That is definitely in the works. Maybe I Continue Reading

Army Stripes

It’s Friday! YAY! It’s about time the weekend got here. I’ve definitely been waiting on it….although I have ZERO plans! I just need to rest & get some things done around the house. Boring, right?
If you follow me on twitter or if you read my last outfit post, then you know that I am in desperate need of sweaters. Well, its not like it gets that cold here in Florida, but I just want some. I found this thin striped sweater at Old Navy a few weeks ago, and I honestly wore it 2 days Continue Reading

Shop My Closet: This Just In

I know, I know…this post should have been a giveaway right? Well, truth of the matter, I’m still working on that. I am going to give myself until Friday to get that post up.
On another note, I just added more items to my online closet & wanted to let you guys know about it since you may not be following on Twitter or Facebook. Also, if you use code FALLSALE, you’ll receive $5 off your order! Happy Shopping & Enjoy!

True Blue

Good Morning! Can you guess what today is? Its my 1 year blog anniversary!! Whoo hoo!!! How cool is that? I want to give a special THANK YOU to all of you! Without you, I would just be here rambling to myself! LOL! When I initially started this blog, I never knew that so many wonderful people would come into my life.  I have gained Continue Reading