DIY Ampersand Art

DIY Ampersand Art5 I have a super simple DIY for you guys! So I’m minding my business, scrolling through Pinterest, when I see this image. How cool, right? It looked pretty easy, so I thought I’d give it a try. I used the ampersand sign because I love the way it looked, but you can also do letters, numbers, whatever you like! I am working on a hashtag art piece for my closet room. This project was so inexpensive and virtually under $3 per piece of art. I purchased the thumb tacks from the Dollar Store for $1 each. The canvas is from Ross. It came in a set of 6 for $6.99.Continue Reading

New Natural Haircut & Giveaway Winner

Sooooo if you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I cut my hair…. again. I felt it was just time for another change. I hate having the same hairstyle/cut for a long period of time. It just erks me! The last time you saw me on the blog, you may have noticed that my hair had grown out alot from when I big chopped. I wore Continue Reading

Beyond The Lights Movie Trailer

Beyond The Lights

Hey Loves! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the blog. I’ll tell you guys all about my hiatus in another blog post. I hope all is well with you! Please be sure to leave any questions or comments you have for me below. I’ve really really missed my blog AND you guys! Now on to the post!
Have you ever read a book or watched a movie trailer and it made you think about how similar the book or movie is to your life? When Mode Media sent me over the trailer for Beyond The Lights, I was immediately drawn to this movie. The storyline just reels you in. Who doesn’t love the thought of falling in love and just being loved? That’s exactly the concept of this movie! The music world’s latest superstar named Noni finds love with Continue Reading

Glam Style Squad: Marshalls Edition


Hey Loves! I received these super cute shoes, handbag, bracelets, and fabulous shades from the folks over at Marshalls. They also sent over an ultra chic sheath dress, but it was too big for me….sigh! So, I improvised and paired clothes from my own wardrobe with their accessories! You would never believe how much these pieces cost. Never pay full price for the fabulous!Continue Reading

Casual Sunday

Hey Loves! Dropping by very quickly before I head in to work. Hope you all have been doing well. Me on the other hand, I’ve been okay. Life could be a whole lot better for me. But I digress…….
Anyhoo, I’m LOVING these yarn wraps that the Sweety helped me with. It took us a few days but we got them done. I have been wanting some type of protective style so that my hair will grow & I wouldn’t keep manipulating it. I previously had Continue Reading

Spring Forward w/ Target Threshold Collection

1_Glam_Author_Logo_100x100 017 Armed with a $200 gift card to Target, I set out to find some beautiful pieces to spruce up my sofa area . I fell in love with these Ikat Toss Pillows as soon as I saw them. They were the perfect fit! My current living room color palette consists of browns, oranges, and creams. I didn’t want anything too bold, because whatever I chose still needed to blend well with the colors I have now. I also fell in love with the figurals. They were mostly white, and I needed them to brighten up my space. I always complain to my Sweety that we need brighter furniture pieces in this space. It seems like all of our side tables & tv stand is dark brown. So when I found this cute little metal accent table, I knew I had to have it!Continue Reading

Birthday Talk

Good Morning! Its Monday….again. I think the weekends are only meant to tease us cause they just roll by too fast. I’m not complaining this Monday though, because its only 2 days before my birthday! I have no idea why I’m super excited about my birthday this year. I have no plans to go anywhere. I really don’t have anything to do. I was going to go to Vegas, but changed my mind. This is a special bithday for me because I’m turning the big 35. I was so scared to turn 30, now I’m turning Continue Reading

Fully In-VEST-ed

045 Hey Loves! I am loving this bun so much better than the 1st one. I used the Marley hair this time around. I wanted this hair the 1st time, but didn’t feel like going to the beauty supply store.  Doing my hair this time was such a breeze because I knew what to expect. I few of you have asked for a tutorial on the other style, and I will do one Continue Reading