DIY Ampersand Art

DIY Ampersand Art5I have a super simple DIY for you guys! So I’m minding my business, scrolling through Pinterest, when I see this image. How cool, right? It looked pretty easy, so I thought I’d give it a try. I used the ampersand sign because I love the way it looked, but you can also do letters, numbers, whatever you like! I am working on a hashtag art piece for my closet room. This project was so inexpensive and virtually under $3 per piece of art. I purchased the thumb tacks from the Dollar Store for $1 each. The canvas is from Ross. It came in a set of 6 for $6.99.Continue Reading

DIY Button Shoulder Blazer

Hey Loves! Another DIY for you. Everytime I buy something new, it comes with extra buttons. After a while, a noticed a small collection of them. I never use the buttons for their intended purposes, so I thought I’d add some detail to the shoulders of one of my thrifted blazers. I did, however, buy a pack of assorted buttons from eBay to add to the ones I already had. I did this entire DIY in the car on the way to Orlando one weekend. I think it turned Continue Reading

Sewing 101 – Disaster

As you all may know, my Sweety bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. It lived in the box for what seems like an eternity. One day, I was brave enough to take it out of its sleeping quarters, and give it a new home on my sewing table. It lived there for a while, untouched. I started watching YouTube tutorials for “beginner sewers”, such as myself. It literally took me an hour to figure out how to thread the needle & the bobbin. After I finally got it all threaded, the machine sat again for a few weeks. So one Saturday, I sat down and played around with stitching.  After much practice, I finally got the hang of it. So you know I thought I was a professional seamstress at this point, right? LOL! Well, I bought this “project dress” below. All I wanted to do was shorten the hem & make me a cute little mini dress. Disaster!
After countless Continue Reading

DIY: Button Epaulettes

When I’m bored, I find some sort of DIY project to indulge in. Some people shop, some people exercise, some people watch TV, but me, I DIY! I have quite a few projects that I did (before I started blogging), but never took pictures or wrote out instructions on how to do them. I guess we’ll start fresh. So from this day forward, I’ll remember to document my projects and share them with you guys. Of course,  I made this decision AFTER I started this DIY, so I have no before pictures of the blazer….sorry.
I love clothing with strong shoulders, bold shoulders, or just anything with lots of shoulder detailing. I had an old thrifted blazer that I actually haven’t worn since I bought it. I decided it needed to be “spiced up” a bit. I found this great DIY on Garbage Dress‘ blog, and decided to give it a try.
What you’ll need:
Buttons (your choice of color & size)
Thread (preferably in the same color as the buttons)
1 Item of clothing (Blazer, Coat, Sweatshirt, Sweater, Blouse, Tshirt)Photobucket
It’s very simple. If you can sew the slightest bit, you can do this project. I started out sewing on my biggest button, and just worked my way around it with other buttons, ranging in different sizes. Just keep adding buttons until you get the look you want.
Cant wait to wear it!!!
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