Thrifting Trends: Blush Pink

Facetune_29-01-2018-07-15-54 Thrifting is the perfect way to find trends, especially at a great price. Blush pink {and tons of other pastel colors}, are so on trend right now. This Ralph Lauren coat was a mere $2 at the Goodwill Pound Store, and the pants were a

$4 find from last fall.ย And I know, this fur stole is definitely screaming fall & winter, but it seemed like a perfect touch for this look! Don’t shoot me! LOL!
Facetune_29-01-2018-07-13-47 Facetune_29-01-2018-07-08-39
Jacket & Fur Stole: Goodwill Pound Store, Trousers: City Thrift Store , Heels: Call It Spring, Handbag & Earrings: Forever 21, Bodysuit: Rainbow Stores
Facetune_29-01-2018-07-10-37 Facetune_29-01-2018-07-12-00 Facetune_29-01-2018-07-02-56 Facetune_29-01-2018-07-07-26 What trends have you thrifted lately?

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