Thrift Store Brass Lamp Makeover

Thrift Store Brass Lamp Makeover
Today I have another thrift store makeover for you guys. Again, an easy one! I love knocking these “quickies” off my project list. Here are the $4 brass lamps I started with. Very old and dingy. I always start by using a damp rag, along with warm water and vinegar to clean each piece. If I wasn’t using spray paint, and I wanted to keep the lamps brass, I would have just shined them up with Barkeeper’s Friend. In this case, I definitely wanted to spray paint.

Thrift Store Brass Lamp Makeover 6
I used painter’s tape to tape off parts of the lamp that I didnt want to paint

Thrift Store Brass Lamp Makeover 7
Next, I gave the lamps a coat of primer. I mainly use Rust-Oleum for all of my projects. I’ve had the best results from this brand. The white primer alone made a world of a difference!!

Thrift Store Brass Lamp Makeover 2
Time for the paint! I chose this pretty, sea-foam color by Rust-Oleum called Robin’s Egg. It doesn’t translate too well in this pic, but keep scrolling. You’ll see just how beautiful this color is!

Thrift Store Brass Lamp Makeover 4
I let this dry overnight (only because it was late when I started). I removed the painter’s tape, and added a pretty linen shade that I picked up from Ross for $10.

Thrift Store Brass Lamp Makeover 5

Thrift Store Brass Lamp Makeover 1
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  1. FabEllis says:

    This is gorgeous! Another DIY inspiration for me.

  2. Ellex says:

    So cute! I can’t wait for a room tour (and a patio tour)!

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