Casual Sunday

Hey Loves! Dropping by very quickly before I head in to work. Hope you all have been doing well. Me on the other hand, I’ve been okay. Life could be a whole lot better for me. But I digress…….
Anyhoo, I’m LOVING these yarn wraps that the Sweety helped me with. It took us a few days but we got them done. I have been wanting some type of protective style so that my hair will grow & I wouldn’t keep manipulating it. I previously had some type of dread extensions done. But, after a few weeks, they literally started unraveling & falling out.  I really liked them, but wanted to use hair/material that was sturdier & that would hold up when I washed them. I searched YouTube & found these!






Boyfriend Jeans: Thrifted (men), Tank: H&M, Blazer & Earrings: Forever 21, Bag: Coach, Shoes: Calvin Klein


Talk to you soon,

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