Fully In-VEST-ed

045Hey Loves! I am loving this bun so much better than the 1st one. I used the Marley hair this time around. I wanted this hair the 1st time, but didn’t feel like going to the beauty supply store.  Doing my hair this time was such a breeze because I knew what to expect. I few of you have asked for a tutorial on the other style, and I will do one very soon. I will be getting another camera for my birthday, so more videos to come. In the meantime, check out MrsKimberlee1’s Youtube channel for this textured bun. It’s the video I used!026


Jeans: H&M, Shirt: Aeropostale (thrifted), Vest: Old Navy, Boots: Vince Camuto,
Gloves: Target, Belt: Old Navy (men), Earrings: Thrifted, Purse: Dooney & Bourke 



Ohhhhh, before I forget………I went to Target yesterday, and they have the cutest jeans/pants on sale for $6-9. THE CUTEST! Make sure you check them out!

Talk to you soon,

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10 Responses to Fully In-VEST-ed

  1. Nekiah says:

    Girl you look amazing. I just love your hair like this. You wear a puffer vest like a champ! Kiah

  2. Niki says:

    very cute bun! i love the other bun as well. need to try this for my hair….

  3. Eboni Ife' says:

    1. Your bun is so CUTE!
    2. You are shrinking!
    3. I miss you…
    4. Why didn’t I get that vest in that color…I’m slippin!

  4. Eboni Ife' says:

    Oh! and 5. I love that you’re all smiles in your pictures, lately! :)

  5. Reana says:

    Love this bun too…the Marley hair is perfect

  6. Inez says:

    I like both buns. Love that you belted your vest. I was in target and saw all those cute pants, unfortunately they didn’t have my size in most of them. :( I snagged two pair tho. :)

  7. L. says:

    Loving the hair & outfit. Because of this post I’m going to stop walking past Old Navy and take a trip inside. That vest is a gem that I want in on!


  8. I really like those boots and they look super comfy! I must also add I love the textured bun … it looks more natural!


  9. I love this outfit. You make this vest look so freaking cute. Very Dressed up Casual! Loving the new hair as well. I’m cracking up at Eboni’s comments. Oh and girl, I saw those mark downs at Target. I’ll be heading back this weekend to try on some pants!!!

    7eventh Letter

  10. keiana says:

    Love this style..i really love the vince camuto gloves very haute touch to this style..

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