High Bun

064 So…….I’m super excited because I am finally able to get my hair in a ponytail! I was struggling with this hair on Sunday, yall. I washed & conditioned it….easy. But, I was trying to do some type of updo thingy, and could not braid the back of my own hair for the style. I got so frustrated that I almost cried (I know, TMI). But sometimes, you just get like that when things aren’t working out *shrugs shoulders*. I had to figure out something to do to my hair because I had to work on Monday. Of course, I’ve seen countless amounts of YouTube videos, and I remembered watching some ladies do a faux bun. This would be perfect! The question was “Could I get my hair into a ponytail”? Since my hair was still wet, and in a shrunken state, I decided to blow dry it to see if it was long enough. Low & behold, ya girl was able to do it! I was so excited! I think it came out pretty good.049



 Cardigan: Target, Shirt: Marshalls, Jeans: Old Navy, Boots: Xmas gift from daughter, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Rings: H&M and Coach, Earrings & Glasses: Forever 21

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Can you ladies relate to the “This hair just aint doing right” days?

Talk to you soon,


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19 responses to “High Bun”

  1. Takia says:

    Your bun looks so cute! Trust, I have cried several times dealing with this natural hair!

  2. Tasha says:

    OMG you look great! Yes I can relate to breaking down and crying. It just be like that. So frustrating.

  3. Batsi C says:

    love it, your hair is a little longer than mine but I would love to try that! Can you do a tutorial or show how you created the bun?

  4. You look super cute, I am loving the high bun on you Prissy!! I am also loving this outfit and those glasses!!!

    Carsedra of:



  5. You look stunning, and I love your outfit.

  6. Melissa fff says:

    Gorge look doll love the bun

  7. Charee says:

    Yay!! Girl your hair is growing fast. I love the buns!!

  8. Tammie says:

    I love that SHIRT and the way you toned it down with neutrals was genius!
    The hair compliments the whole look…
    I go get my hair done every week to keep it in optimal shape. I try to get a style that can still look good when it gets old and is easy to maintain…(side part under)

  9. jeimy says:

    Gorg and sophisticated love the entire look!

  10. FabEllis says:

    I can definitely relate to that feeling! I think it happens to every woman and I have had it more times than I can count with natural hair. I love the look! Love the top too!

  11. Sing says:

    Oh yea I’ve had many of those. Your bun is super cute. And I like the relaxed look here.

  12. Rocquelle says:

    It came out so cute!!! I have lots of those, this hair ain’t doing right days where I find myself on the brink of tears, so I can certainly relate. Love your casual outfit too; so chic!

  13. Onyxsta says:

    OH WOW!! Your hair has grown!!

  14. You look cute in your bun …I love the whole little cute preppy look!


  15. Girl, gimmie that shirt. I love how you put this look together. And that lippie looks cute on you!!!

    7eventh Letter

  16. Nat says:

    Very Beautiful…Love the look!

  17. I can completely relate to your hair issues. To get my hair into a puff, I have to have my husband come hold it while I tie it up with a shoestring. So when he’s not available, I get super frustrated.

    I love this look on you. The shirt, the cardi and boots — it all works!

  18. Anita says:

    I love your nails, your glasses, your shirt…everything…you rock!

  19. nikkipooh71 says:

    Prissy you are nailing it with these buns! Love this look!

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