These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking

2012-12-30 003 070 Let me tell you what I hate. I hate when  you buy a pair of over the knee boots & they fit perfectly in the store. Well, when you decide to wear them, they still look good on you. As the day progresses, you notice that you have to keep pulling & tugging on them to keep them up.  At this point, you’re really really frustrated because they didn’t fit like that when you first put them on. At the end of the day, they are damn near around your ankles because they’ve stretched so much. I hate that! That is exactly what happened with these boots. You guys may remember them from my Fall/Winter Boot Haul video. I also bought them in another style & now I’m scared to wear them. And now I can’t take them back because its past the return date…..ughhhh!!!!2012-12-30 003 081

2012-12-30 003 097

Shirt: Thrifted, Pants: H&M, Boots: Kelsi Dagger, Glasses & Earrings: Forever 21

2012-12-30 003 084

2012-12-30 003 068

Has this ever happened to you?

Talk to you soon,

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  1. says

    LOL! This has definitely happened to me before and probably partly why I am afraid to purchase over the knee boots. Love the outfit! Very cute with the glasses.

  2. says

    Girl, this hasn’t happened to me before but now you have me scared to wear my boots. I have these same boots! #twinsies LOL! I wore them this weekend for some pictures I took, but I haven’t worn them for the full day yet. I have thicker legs, so I’m hoping that this helps me with this pair. UGH! #nervous

    7eventh Letter

  3. Laab206 says

    Hey Prissy. Take them to the shoe maker. They may be able to add something to keep the up.

  4. says

    I agree! Sagging boots are always so frustrating. Some of my fav boots are chronic saggers lol and I love them but they are so frustrating.
    You look cute.

  5. says

    That happened to me with some boots I bought…this lady seen me pulling them up and suggested getting something added inside to keep them up.

  6. says

    Maybe try some fashion tape? Or maybe the shoe maker can make some elastic on the inside so they stay up? Good luck!

  7. Melanie Smith says

    Take them to a shoe repair shop. If there is a seam, they should be able to take them in.

  8. Style Chic 360 says

    This has never happened to me, because I’m lucky if boots fit over my calves let alone my thighs. hehe.

    You look fab, I love that top pic! Your hair!!! So cute!

  9. says

    This was happening to me. Then I started putting leg warms on with them and they stay right up. No more tugging and pulling =) I saw a post on pinterest about it lol

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