DIY: Faux Leather Sleeved Trench (well sort of)

As you may have noticed, leather sleeves are popping up everywhere & on everything. I wanted to join in on the festivities, but didn’t want to spend a lot, since this is a trendy piece (and well, I am frugal). I was looking through my closet, and noticed I had this Old Navy cropped trench that I hadn’t worn lately. Then, I thought about this faux leather cropped moto jacket that I bought a while back. (See how I wore it here). Ok, I do have a sewing machine, but my skills are not up to par yet (remember my sewing disaster?), so I opted to take the jackets to my seamstress.

After a few days of being with my seamstress, I picked up this beautiful piece! I only spent $12 to have the leather sleeves sewn on.  

And because I didn’t want to waste the body of the leather jacket, I had her make it into a nice faux leather vest!

If  you can sew (or semi sew), this would be the perfect DIY for you. You can dig through your closets for old leather jackets that you don’t wear, or scour your local thrift stores!

Are you currently working on any DIYs? Please share!
Talk to you soon,

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  1. says

    This is a great DYI, and I wish I knew how to sew. What you did with both pieces was amazing. Your trench could easily be mistaken by Burberry 😉 I had mine costume made but it was for less, like always! 😉

  2. Kenya says

    Yay! So glad to see you back and blogging ..your hair looks amazing and that DIY is terrific. Hope all is well

  3. says

    I love this. I’ve seen others do the DIY leather sleeved jacket, but I think it’s awesome that you were able to keep the body of the leather jacket and use it as a vest…you got two brand new pieces and paid next to nothing!

    P.S. I need to find me a personal seamstress! Lol.

  4. Dani says

    OMG! I love this DIY! My mouth hit the floor when I thought of a great faux leather jacket going to waste but then I scrolled down and saw that you saved the leather and made it into a vest! So smart and frugal! I love this idea! I can’t wait to see how you wear your new trench! 😉

  5. says

    This was a fantabulous idea Prissy!!! I have similar pieces and have wanted the leather /khaki combo as well.. Thanks for sharing.


  6. says

    That is totally awesome and it worked out perfectly that you didn’t have to get rid of your jacket.
    I have a sewing machine too that’s collecting dust. I have lots of practice to do before I attempt any diy.

  7. Nikki says

    Priss! Who’s the seamstress???? Mine is good but not that reasonable….also what happened to shop rushourfashion? :)

  8. Zavonna says

    CUTE! Love it girly…
    I did a DIY Leather/Denim myself. Worth every minute of my time.

  9. says

    You did SUCH a good job! I am no seamstress and suck at DIY but if I could… man, I would make these jacket!

  10. says

    This is a great DIY or “have someone do it for you” project.. mow im on the lookout for the perfect faux leather jacket/ sleeves. I would like to attach mine to my military jacket! Great post!

  11. says

    When I saw this DIY I almost died…You really are frugal. I’m looking in my closet now for something to recreate.

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