Orange Creamsicle

As you may have noticed, I cut my hair a little. I get extremely bored with the same ole same ole, and decided to do something just a little different. I went to my barber & had him cut my sides & back down. I still have length on the top but most of the time, I wear it curly, so you can’t tell. Can you believe I was so bored with my hair that I dyed it a reddish blonde color? Talk about HOT MESS!!! I immediately threw on a hat & hauled ass to the beauty supply store to get a black rinse. It was awful! LOL! I just really need to be patient with my hair. I must say, it has been growing really nicely, but I am too impatient. I want big hair….like now!!!
Check out my Facebook page to see a pic of how much my hair had grown before I got it cut!

 Belt, Shirt, & Pants: Thrifted, Earrings: Forever 21, Bracelet & Ring: eBay, Shoes: Steve Madden

Talk to you soon,


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16 responses to “Orange Creamsicle”

  1. Very cute look!!! Your make up is fierce girl. Very pretty. I can’t believe that you got that bored. LOL!

  2. Maylana says:

    As always you are always on point with your outfits. Love it!!! Love the hair. I have a short natural too, right now it’s in a feminine Mohawk with a blonde patch in the front, I love it, but I’ve had it for 3 months, about to move on to the next thing. Love your posts!

  3. ty says:

    KAYUTE! I love this prissy! I have never seen you commit to a full printed suit before (top & bottom) but I must say I love it! the print is very subtle but yet bold in that orange tangy color! I also like how you belted it to give that peplum effect! That’s what I do cause I own Peplum NOTHING! LOL good look girl! And your jewellery is on POINT!

    xoxo TY

  4. Sing says:

    This set is so cute.

  5. Beautiful color on you, and your hair looks really cute! I can relate to getting impatient with hair, though; I just got a cut, and I want my hair back like yesterday!


  6. Dinesha says:

    you look gorgeous in that orange it works so pretty on you

  7. Suzzy says:

    Love the earrings.You know how to put colours together.On point!

  8. melissa fff says:

    i love how you made this pant suit look modern and chic kinda has a peplum look with the cinched waist … and might i add i luv the cut

  9. mz.choize says:

    Your hair is so thick and grows really fast, it’ll be the length you want before you know it! Love the orange on you, great post.

  10. Janelle says:

    Your hair is gorgeous! Don’t rush it – enjoy the transformation. Love the outfit too.

  11. Mook says:

    Prissy I absolutely adore this outfit!!! So chic & colorful! Your hair & make up looks awesome as always!!! You always seem to be put together so well!

  12. Eboni says:

    Your broooooows!!!!

    girl, if you don’t leave that hair alone, and let it grow out. It can’t be big if you keep cutting it Lol!

  13. Lynn says:

    Too Funny about you dying your hair! But I completely understand getting BORED with hair it happens to the best of us! I keep me a WIG on deck for my bored hair days… Loving the outfit… this color looks great on you! 😀

  14. Anita says:

    this is so cute, i love the color and i love the peplum ruffle 🙂 looks so cute on you


  15. Inez says:

    You have to share with me the products you use. Your hair looks great! I bet the color wasn’t that bad!

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