Furry Stripes

Hey Loves! I’m so excited because I went thrifting AND I did a little shopping here & there. I found some GREAT pieces. I’m going to spend my weekend working on 2 haul videos & some DIY projects (hopefully). I know many of you are getting ready for the superbowl & the superbowl festivities. I’m not a football fan, so I don’t think I’ll be watching the game. But you never know what may happen!
 Sweater: Old Navy, Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Steve Madden, Vest: Marshalls, Clutch: Curly in the City, Necklace: Thrifted

So what team are you rooting for? Giants or Patriots?


Meant to Be
Vintage Floral Dress
Green with Envy
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30 responses to “Furry Stripes”

  1. melissa says:

    luv this look so chic

  2. Carsedra says:

    Very cute Ms. Prissy! I love the color of those slacks!!

    Carsedra of:



  3. you look amazing as always! Love the vest with the stripes <3 such a fabulous unexpected combination <3 xox

  4. Sing says:

    I don’t watch football either. If I get invited to a party cool, if not doesn’t make a difference to me. You look very stylish and I like the blonde in your hair.

  5. Rocquelle says:

    That vest is hotness!!

  6. fshnonmymind says:

    I am rooting for neither because I just can’t get into football. I tried to learn, but all of the stopping and starting during a game kills me.
    I love that clutch and your fur vest just gives your whole look a kick of glamour. Fabulous!

  7. Dobe says:

    Great outfit! I love how you make unexpected pieces work together so effortlessly!

    And I think you mean the Giants! LOL
    I’m from NY, so that’s the only way I know who’s playing… not a football fan, either.

  8. Tara says:

    Love it! Super cute!

  9. Such a fun look! Love that vest!

  10. Toya says:

    U better work it…Love the hair and outfit Hun…Have a great weekend :-).

  11. mia says:

    Major Style!!!! Can’t wait for those tutorials.

  12. Shanna says:

    Um, you can pass over that clutch— I totally love it Prissy! Cute outfit 🙂

  13. Carolyn says:

    Looking Fabulous! I love the shirt most of all. Crazy Huh??

  14. Myah says:

    This post makes me want blonde highlights and a fur vest soooo bad! Sucha great look!

  15. Very nice. Love the hair. Not really a football fan myself but I gotta go with my home team.


  16. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this look! So chic, so stylish!


  17. Eboni says:

    Girl, that hair is the new hotness!! I already told you that…but I’m saying it again.

    You know I wanna get into your fur collection *side eye* LOL!

    Prissy! I swear we just like all the same things. I just got a package in the mail from ASOS with a pair of green flared trousers. LOL!

  18. jeimy says:

    absolutely love these colors the pants are great paired with the stripes and fur and the purse just gave it that extra kick love it!!!

  19. LOVE this look Prissy. The colors look great together. That bag color is wonderful. I need me a fur vest that length and color. Get it!!!

    7eventh Letter

  20. Ari says:

    Love this color combo. Very unexpected yet it works!

  21. Love this outfit. The first thing that caught my eye was the fur vest! Love it 🙂

  22. Lauren says:

    Unfortunately, all Chargers fans will reluctantly watch the game by picking the lesser of two evils (true Charger fans are not fond of Eli Manning or the Patriots). But I will be a fan of your styling with these pieces 🙂 Love the combination!

  23. Erika says:

    This is a great look! I really love the color choices. So chic.

  24. mrs. jarette says:

    love that clutch

  25. Shalanda says:

    I purchased some pants like this from H&M on Saturday. Great look. I’m inspired.

  26. this is amazing, you look stunning.

  27. Victoria says:

    wow just came across your blog, you got some great style!!!

  28. mark says:

    Love the blog

  29. Budget Chic says:

    Fab outfit, I can finally get into your blog! I love the foldover clutch, striped top and the pop of color in your jeans!

  30. Trina says:

    I love all of your looks!
    And how you put certain colors together. Amazing….

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