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    Awww Prissy! I adore you.. I love this post and love your picks! Nice job on shoppin’ lady, can’t wait to see you wear some of these goodies :)

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    You got a lot of nice pieces! I see I’m not the only one who racked up at the Old Navy clearance section this weekend :)

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    you have such a fab taste and i enjoyed your video. You sound like you look Prissy, very calm, classy and composed (the three c’s!) i just made that up! lol. that purse had me speechless.

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    Very cute pieces!! Especially that last pair of booties and the Jessica Simpson heels! Love them! I can’t wait to see how you style them!

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    Girl you been a shopping fool ain’t you! lol I love it all. You now have plenty of sweaters so don’t even think about saying you ain’t got none! LOL Kiah

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    love all the buys, the sweaters were such a steal and those steve madden booties! LOVE! Checking out smartbargins now… can’t beleive I’ve never seen the site before! xox

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