Hair Regimen

Hi Loves! I finally finished editing my hair tutorial & uploaded it to YouTube. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Carsedra says:

    I love it!!!! It’s great to hear the voice behind the great pictures I see!! You did a great job Prissy and I love your hair, so cute!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. Sing says:

    Hair is looking great and I love that you do it all yourself.

  3. SACRAMENTO says:

    Crazy you do that fabulous hair of yours by yourself, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Sooooooooooo nice to hear your voice!!!

  4. Mello says:

    Girl, you almost make me want to cut my hair, after it took to years to grow out!

  5. mia says:

    Its nice to hear a voice behind the pictures. I need a room tour after seeing all those clothes in the back. You seem like a pro doing this video.

  6. Love putting a voice to a blog 😀 love this video Prissy! You did an amazing job – I can’t believe you do all this yourself! I shouldn’t be surprised though, your hair always looks so fabulous <3

  7. Kay Cee says:

    You are so talented. I wished I could do my hair myself. I would save so much money.

  8. OMG!!!! This was great! The fact that you know how to cute and line up your own hair blows me away. Your hair looks great, as ALWAYS!!! I LOVE it! Its also nice to hear what bloggers voices sound like cause we only get to see pictures.

    7eventh Letter

  9. Shanna says:

    I can not wait for more vids! You did an amazing job and i am DEFINITELY subbing on YT :)) fantastic job Prissy!

  10. Sonya says:

    Great job on the hair. Salon finish at home….I love it!

  11. Amy says:

    Excellent tutorial! I use Morccan oil conditioner on my hair and it helps with moisture and flakes! Great to finally hear your voice 🙂

  12. Miss Rockwell says:

    You make me want to cut EVERY inch of my hair off. Your’s is always perfect……and your closet….GIRRRLLLLLL!!!!

    LOL. Great post!

  13. I love your blog! Short hair tutorials are very hard to come by, and yours was ultra comprehensive…thank you!

    Follow me on twitter @pixiecutfash

  14. I do not know where to start. This is amazing. You did such an awesome job! I have been visiting your blog for at least four months and I thought you went to a salon weekly because your hair is always gorgeous and you can tell how healthy it is because of the shine and how thick it is. Great video!! I love it!! beautiful hair always inspires me because I usually have a ponytail or a frizzy mess on my head!! I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Shanticka says:

    Nice video. I will have to check out that Chi moisturizer and the setting foam.

  16. FASHBERRIES says:

    Great video Prissy you definately rock the pixie hair style really well

  17. Tonia says:

    Hi Prissy:
    Great video, but I noticed you said you don’t use grease/oil on your hair/scalp. Dandruff is one result of dry scalp, though you maynot care to use it You might want to reconsider using it at least once a week. There are several products that are light enough not to weight the hair down and have you considered wearing a off centered part to ‘swoop’ your bang to either the left or the right?

  18. Jerrica says:


    Fashion Nostalgia

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