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Since I haven’t started doing video hauls yet, I thought I’d share some of my latest purchases/gifts with you through photos. As you all know, I love some nail polish! I was quite surprised, but so happy when Zoya sent these to me. Can’t wait to wear them. Right now, they are running a promo for 2 FREE bottles of nail polish until 1/9/12. All you have to do is enter the code “ZOYA2012” and pay $6.95 for shipping.

I was on Twitter talking about how much I wanted to build my arm party collection. I love the way Folake, Rocquelle, and Blair all have a knack for piling on the arm candy. I couldn’t wear this look all the time, but I am definitely a huge fan of it. I do like to dabble in the arm parties on occasion. Well, the lovely Folake sent me these bracelets to add to my collection. Wasn’t that sweet of her?
Perfume has become another guilty pleasure that I’m really starting to get into. AV by Adrienne Vittadini is definitely a staple in my collection. Its an old fragrance, but it smells so good. I can’t get enough of it.
Forever 21 was having a BOGO free sale on all of their clearance items. I thought this sweatshirt was so cool because of the faux leather patches. It was $13 & I got a kimono free (coming up in a later outfit post).
Do you remember me going to Atlanta last month to shop with my BBFF, Eboni? Well, I saw these boots in Nine West….along with another pair. I couldn’t decide which pair I wanted, so I didn’t get either. Fast forward a few weeks later to our Blogger Secret Santa. Eboni happened to get my name. These boots are my gift from her! How cool is that? I love them!!
Pretty gold cuff that I found for $4 while scouring Ebay. Isn’t it lovely! Simple, yet sexy.
Last, but not least, are these metallic herringbone print pumps by Jessica Simpson. Dillards was having its annual New Year’s Day sale (addt’l 50% off clearance items) & I scooped these up for $30! Hope you enjoyed the haul.
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23 responses to “Mini Haul/Gifts”

  1. Oh love those Zoya Colors! and That Cuff!

  2. Rocquelle says:

    This is all so awesome!! Those Zoya polishes are all so lovely! I placed my order for 2 free polishes this morning. That Folake is the sweetest! I love all of the bracelets she sent you and am super flattered that you find my wrist soirees to be an inspiration! Oh yeah, I am heading to Forever 21’s website to look for that sweatshirt, it is just too cute!!

  3. tasha says:

    IDK where to start. Everything is soooo fab. I told you on twitter i am obsessed the nail polish. YAY to arm candy party coming very soon. Eboni is so sweet and im going to borrow that cuff.

    ps. tell me how the f21 shirt fits. i adore it and might go buy me one

  4. Ooh lucky lady!!! Love the polish colors AND the bracelets, and I am so glad you love your boots. ENJOY!!!

    p.s. Gimme that sweatshirt. LOL!!

    xoxo. Happy New Year!!


  5. Carsedra says:

    Everything is so cute!!! You had the BEST secret Santa LOL, those boots are really cute!!! The Zoya nail polishes are cute too!!

    Carsedra of:

  6. Sing says:

    All the shoes are great and that sweatshirt is dope.

  7. Laura says:

    So many wonderful gifts! That cuff is too cool, it reminds me of really cool architechture!

  8. I didn’t see one thing that wasn’t awesome!! Great haul post 😉

  9. melissa says:

    im a lover of jessica simpson heels they fit me so well , its like they were made for me and we also share the same bday LOl… anywho great stuff especially the heels 🙂

  10. fshnonmymind says:

    Nice haul!! I love your new arm party additions!!
    That was incredible nice of your secret santa to gift you some awesome boots. So sweet. 🙂

  11. jeimy says:

    I love everything specially that cuff I got one similar but the gold is a bit more shiny at F21 love it love it love it great pieces P!!!

  12. Timeka says:

    Love the mini haul!!! And I just ordered my polish! Yay!!! The JS pumps are gorgeous, too bad they don’t have a Dillards in my area :-(.

  13. Tanyale says:

    If possible can you give the names of the polishes? Love those colors.

  14. Dre Davis says:

    I especially love the cuff and the JS pumps!

  15. KeeKee says:

    You got a great haul! Love the arm party addition and those boots from your secret santa are FAB!

  16. Lynn says:

    Loving the HAUL…. bracelet for $4 was a MAJOR STEAL!!!! The shoes area darling!!!!

  17. Great haul! It was so sweet that you got those boots as your Secret Santa gift! So sweet.

  18. Love your buys: love the colors of the nail polish and cute boots!


  19. Amy says:

    I am in LOVE with Zoya nail polishes! Can’t wait for my manicurist to start stocking them!!! And oh, to the fall…total mortification and devastation!!!

  20. thu says:

    Great haul, I love the heels 😉

    Happy New Year!

  21. Tammie says:

    I love gray so that sweashirt is a WINNER for me!

  22. Just ordered my glam polishes form Zoya earlier this wk., thanks to you and my twitter timeline.
    Love those bracelets. -xxoo

  23. Keesha says:

    Those Zoya colors are fab! And those Herringbone shoes are awesome as well…Great Haul 🙂

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