Shop My Closet: This Just In

I know, I know…this post should have been a giveaway right? Well, truth of the matter, I’m still working on that. I am going to give myself until Friday to get that post up.
On another note, I just added more items to my online closet & wanted to let you guys know about it since you may not be following on Twitter or Facebook. Also, if you use code FALLSALE, you’ll receive $5 off your order! Happy Shopping & Enjoy!

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    Girl, you have a real knack for selecting stylish heels. Your recent purchases are really too cute. But I my eye on that leather skirt! Amazing!

  2. says

    Oh, I am so not observant! I read the title of this post like you just ADDED these items to your personal closet. LOL! Didn’t realize you are selling these items! Lawd! Reading is fundamental.

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