New Shoes: Jessica Simpson & Steve Madden

 Jessica Simpson Fionna Boot in Grey Colorado
You guys already know about my infatuation with heels right? And you know my infatuation with sales too, right? Then this post is no surprise. I was perusing the sites about a week ago & ran across an awesome sale. A sale that was too good to pass up, kinda like my Old Navy sale that I went to on Sunday.  When I find heels for an unbelievable price, I really have to stop myself from buying everything that’s in my size. Trust me, I had 4 more pair in my cart, but opted to wait on those.
 Steve Madden Smartyy Pump in Purple Multi and the Steve Madden Smartyy Pump in Grey Multi
Jessica Simpson Landy Pump in Tawny Blush
I am in love with this Jessica Simpson Landy pump & I want it in this burnt red color too! 

Can you guess how much I paid for all 4 pair of shoes?

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10 Responses to New Shoes: Jessica Simpson & Steve Madden

  1. Caitlin says:

    Be still my heart. Those shoes are just too beautiful, I love both pairs of Jessica Simpson’s. Those booties are the perfect color and I’m loving the python accents! Killer choices as usual and if I know you I’m guessing you paid less than $100 for all four pairs (you lucky lady!)

  2. LocalCeleb says:

    How much did you pay? I’m dying to know! Loving these

  3. SACRAMENTO says:

    You will look fantastic in them, I am sure.

  4. Jazmine Jade says:

    Yes!!!! Those shoes are hot! I especially love the first pair. How much were they…please do tell…

  5. ThatGirl...E says:

    Love them all, great sale finds.

  6. Teeairra says:

    JS Fionna is the business;)!!

  7. Vivi says:

    I’ve found someone who loves Old Navy as much as I do! I even dedicated a post on it will all my ON outfits. Not a game. Lovelovelove the standalone picture of yourself. I peep the Lacoste Pink. One of my favorite scents (I need to re-up on mine). Finally, your new shoes are cute. I’m guessing you paid less than $100.

  8. ciaa says:

    so jealous I which i could wear higher heels. These are really cute .

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