Black Friday

Happy Cyber Monday!  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you go to any Black Friday sales? Well, I’m dead set against getting up that early, fighting the crowds, & possibly getting pepper sprayed just to get a deal. BUT, a friend called me on Thursday night & told me that Dillards would have Michael Kors watches on sale for Black Friday. Say what? Michael Kors? I told her to call me once she got there & let me know what they had. She called me bright & early & told me that they had a cute pink one for $34. Yes, you read that right, $34!!! She put the watch on hold for me & I IMMEDIATELY jumped out of bed & headed out there. Well, when I got there, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be & I ended up finding 2 more watches that I loved. I got a rose gold MK watch for $70 & got my Sweety a brown Fossil Watch for $23! I must say, Black Friday was good to me!

Pants: The15dollarstore, Shoes: Bakers, Vest & Belt: Old Navy, Brooch: Gifted, Sequin Top: Thrifted, Clutch: H&M, Bracelets: Random

Did you find any goodies?

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  1. says

    OMG Prissy I have been looking for a vest like that. I think I need to come down and shop your closet. LOL your outfit is so cute. I did shopping on small business saturday when some boutiques i love her. Waiting on a couple sites to post their cyber monday sales

  2. says

    Hello gorgeou Prissy, no black friday in Spain, YET and today I heard about Cyber Monday for the first time.LOL.
    Looking fabulous.

  3. says

    Very cute outfit!! I really like those pants and you got them for the 15dollar store? I’ve gone to that site a couple of time and I never can find anything I like that’s worth even paying $15 for. Maybe I miss all the good stuff!! :-(

    Great deal on the watches. I avoid the black friday rush, I just can’t get into the hype of it all anymore!!! I did run by the mall quickly to take my son to Gamestop to spend his birthday money, but when I got into the mall I was ready to walk back out! People didn’t seem to be shopping all that much but it was still CROWDED (teenagers) and people were RUDE!!! I get irritated really quick with too many rude people in one place and with too long lines. Plus, I am not about to fight anybody for clothes, electronics, toys etc….. I will wait because they sometimes have better sales closer to christmas!!

    Carsedra of:

  4. says

    Love how you put your outfits together. It so unique and unexpected, but yet very stylish! I wish there was a Dillards in NY, I wouldve been there with the quickness. I’ve been wanting a Michael Kors watch for some time now.

  5. says

    i have to say, i didn’t know what black friday was!!! so a MK watch, well every girl should have one! love love the military jacket combined with the stylish shoes! excellent combination, love this look because it is such a fabulous casual stylish look

  6. says

    Girl those pants are FIRE! They fit you perfectly! You totally scored on the MK watches! Dillard’s has that same sale every New Year’s Day! My mom and I go every year and that is when I buy my purses and watches for the year. My mom got a super cute rose gold one last year. Kiah

  7. says

    Love your outfit!!!!! Those watches you found are phenomenal! I went second-hand shopping for a b-day dress, and found 6 dresses 2 skirts and a bunch of jewellery! It was phenomenal!

  8. says

    Great top! I love the shoulders. And I am feeling the mix of lace with the cargo vest. You go girl!

  9. says

    I love this outfit, who would pair sequins with army green?! Prissy!! LOL

    You got over with those watches! :))

  10. says

    Dayum, you came up with the Michael Kors watches, I’ve been looking for one at a bargain! Love the whole outfit too! Especially the blouse!

  11. says

    Prissy you look too cute!!! Love the pants and that clutch! $34 for a MK watch and $23 for a Fossil watch are some pretty good deals! Hey we should all get together again before the holidays.

  12. says

    Ok, I’m jealous you got a Michael Kors Watch for $70, that you can still wear open-toes. And I love your vest!

  13. says

    So funny that I have those same exact jeans and I wore them today!!! lol Love them, the Tyte brand fits surprisingly well and the color is great. Love your outfit!

  14. says

    I frowning bcuz i ordered the same color pants from the $15 store but canceled my order due to late shipping! *remember?* Anywho they look Fab on you! love how you paired it with the sequin top! you’re making me wanna go back to short hair! :) xoxo ty

  15. Steven Aportunse says

    The pants are also great They re super cute and again, neutral enough that he s able to wear almost anything with them.

  16. says

    Visiting from BDIB. Love the outfit and the red pants (I finally found a pair that wasn’t super pricey). Now, more about this $15 store.

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