Black Friday

Happy Cyber Monday!  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you go to any Black Friday sales? Well, I’m dead set against getting up that early, fighting the crowds, & possibly getting pepper sprayed just to get a deal. BUT, a friend called me on Thursday night & told me that Dillards would have Michael Kors watches on sale for Black Friday. Say what? Michael Kors? I told her to call me once she got there & let me know what they had. She called me bright & early & told me that they had a cute pink one for $34. Yes, you read that right, $34!!! She put the watch on hold for me & I IMMEDIATELY jumped out of bed & headed out there. Well, when I got there, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be & I ended up finding 2 more watches that I loved. I got a rose gold MK watch for $70 & got my Sweety a brown Fossil Watch for $23! I must say, Black Friday was good to me!

Pants: The15dollarstore, Shoes: Bakers, Vest & Belt: Old Navy, Brooch: Gifted, Sequin Top: Thrifted, Clutch: H&M, Bracelets: Random

Did you find any goodies?


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36 responses to “Black Friday”

  1. tasha says:

    OMG Prissy I have been looking for a vest like that. I think I need to come down and shop your closet. LOL your outfit is so cute. I did shopping on small business saturday when some boutiques i love her. Waiting on a couple sites to post their cyber monday sales

  2. SACRAMENTO says:

    Hello gorgeou Prissy, no black friday in Spain, YET and today I heard about Cyber Monday for the first time.LOL.
    Looking fabulous.

  3. Tavia says:

    Fabulous as usual! I love the creativity to your ensembles. Those shoes are hot! I don’t blame you for not wanting to go out on Friday but you got some good deals on those watches…go girl!


  4. Carsedra says:

    Very cute outfit!! I really like those pants and you got them for the 15dollar store? I’ve gone to that site a couple of time and I never can find anything I like that’s worth even paying $15 for. Maybe I miss all the good stuff!! 🙁

    Great deal on the watches. I avoid the black friday rush, I just can’t get into the hype of it all anymore!!! I did run by the mall quickly to take my son to Gamestop to spend his birthday money, but when I got into the mall I was ready to walk back out! People didn’t seem to be shopping all that much but it was still CROWDED (teenagers) and people were RUDE!!! I get irritated really quick with too many rude people in one place and with too long lines. Plus, I am not about to fight anybody for clothes, electronics, toys etc….. I will wait because they sometimes have better sales closer to christmas!!

    Carsedra of:

  5. Dominique says:

    Your outfit is so fly!!! Love the shoes. I enjoy reading your blog! Go gurl!

  6. Cherrie says:

    Love how you put your outfits together. It so unique and unexpected, but yet very stylish! I wish there was a Dillards in NY, I wouldve been there with the quickness. I’ve been wanting a Michael Kors watch for some time now.

  7. i have to say, i didn’t know what black friday was!!! so a MK watch, well every girl should have one! love love the military jacket combined with the stylish shoes! excellent combination, love this look because it is such a fabulous casual stylish look

  8. Kiah says:

    Girl those pants are FIRE! They fit you perfectly! You totally scored on the MK watches! Dillard’s has that same sale every New Year’s Day! My mom and I go every year and that is when I buy my purses and watches for the year. My mom got a super cute rose gold one last year. Kiah

  9. Laura says:

    Love your outfit!!!!! Those watches you found are phenomenal! I went second-hand shopping for a b-day dress, and found 6 dresses 2 skirts and a bunch of jewellery! It was phenomenal!

  10. I looooooove this look, and the deals you scored. Yes!!!

  11. Love the vest and the color of those pants are super cute!


  12. Myah says:

    Great top! I love the shoulders. And I am feeling the mix of lace with the cargo vest. You go girl!

  13. Those were great deals wish I knew about them myself.

  14. LocalCeleb says:

    Definitely found a few goodies and had some good coupons! My daughter and I had so much fun!

  15. Kim says:

    Girl you are winning with all of those fab watches!!!! You look fab as usual:-)

  16. Inez says:

    I love this outfit, who would pair sequins with army green?! Prissy!! LOL

    You got over with those watches! :))

  17. Jazmine says:

    Dayum, you came up with the Michael Kors watches, I’ve been looking for one at a bargain! Love the whole outfit too! Especially the blouse!

  18. Katrice says:

    Prissy you look too cute!!! Love the pants and that clutch! $34 for a MK watch and $23 for a Fossil watch are some pretty good deals! Hey we should all get together again before the holidays.

  19. Jeeda says:

    I’m with you Prissy…me get outta bed in the wee hours of the morning to go deal with hooliganism….no way Jose!!;) Anywho love the femme sequin top with the vest! You look fab!

  20. Channing says:

    Ok, I’m jealous you got a Michael Kors Watch for $70, that you can still wear open-toes. And I love your vest!

  21. fashion_guru says:

    love the pants

  22. Dana says:

    So funny that I have those same exact jeans and I wore them today!!! lol Love them, the Tyte brand fits surprisingly well and the color is great. Love your outfit!

  23. tyty says:

    I frowning bcuz i ordered the same color pants from the $15 store but canceled my order due to late shipping! *remember?* Anywho they look Fab on you! love how you paired it with the sequin top! you’re making me wanna go back to short hair! 🙂 xoxo ty

  24. zulema2 says:

    You look wonderful, love the clutch bag 🙂

  25. ooh great find! Next time, get me a watch. LOL!!!!

    Seriously, I don’t own a good working watch. Hopefully, I can find one Saturday 🙂

  26. D says:

    You look the clutch!

  27. Dawn (sassy) says:

    This is such a great look..

  28. Rhoda says:

    LOVE this outfit on you. Fabulous styling!

  29. Steven Aportunse says:

    The pants are also great They re super cute and again, neutral enough that he s able to wear almost anything with them.

  30. Danah says:

    This outfit is HOT HAUTE FAB FLY… everything you can think of. I love it!!!!!!!

  31. Ariel B says:

    I love this look. I love the deep hues of the color palette. Very Chic!

  32. ciaa says:

    Love the look !!!

  33. Kimberlee says:

    Great outfit – loving that clutch!

  34. Natasha says:

    Visiting from BDIB. Love the outfit and the red pants (I finally found a pair that wasn’t super pricey). Now, more about this $15 store.

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