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I am so ready for colder weather! That is, if we ever get weather that is cold enough to wear a fur coat. I was looking through my things yesterday & realized that I have quite a few faux and real pieces. I thought this would make a fun post to share with you guys since winter is right around the corner!

This vintage fur collar is by far one of my favorite finds. Ever since I saw the faux fur version by H&M, I was dying to get my hands on one. I’d been stalking eBay for a while when I stumbled upon this one. Surprisingly, I won the bid for like $10!  I haven’t been able to really wear it like I’ve wanted to, but here’s how I wore it once before! Seriously, I will throw this thing on with my pj’s and walk around the house in it. Oh, don’t act like you don’t do stuff like that!! LOL!  It just makes you feel so glamorous!

Fur AND leopard? Yes, why not? Those were my thoughts when I came across this beauty on the clearance rack at Forever 21. This is such a cute little coat! The color is fantastic. And guess what? This coat cost me a whopping $10!!  When I wore it, I paired it with a tan sweater & faux leather pants. This was such a wonderul addition to my fur family!

I’d been searching & searching for THE perfect fur vest. Normally, when I go to stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross, I really only go in the shoe & perfume sections, and then I leave. This day, my inner fashion-obsessed voice said “Prissy, go into the clothing area & look around”. Well, I’m sure glad I did because I found this gorgeous vest! If you guys have been reading my blog for a while, then you know I’m cheap thrifty.  The price tag was $49.99….not on sale :( I bought it anyway, and I cannot complain!  Here’s how I wore it!

The last time I went back home to visit my grandma, I saw this burgundy number hanging on the door in her room. Immediately, I rushed over to it, tried it on, and asked her if I can have it. She said my mom had given it to her the last time she was there?? What??? Where did my mom get this from?? She doesn’t wear stuff like this?? My grandma was hesitant to give it to me because it was gifted to her & she didn’t want my mom to be upset. Well, you know I called my mom right? Long story short, it now resides in MY closet!

A sweater vest trimmed in fur… And I love it!
I thought this was such a fun faux fur bomber. Its another Forever 21 find. Its still new & I haven’t worn it. I’ve neglected it for a year now. Even forgot I bought it. I think its going in my blog shop along with this one.
Funny story with this one: My neighbor was having a yard sale earlier in the year. I went over & saw that she had a dark brown fur coat, but it was kinda damaged. She said, “You should have gotten here earlier. The neighbor across the street bought a nice fur vest”. Fast forward to a month later.  I saw the neighbor walking her dogs & I asked her about the vest. She said it was beautiful & described it to me. A couple of days later, she came & knocked on my door. She said “I just wanted you to have this because I think you’ll enjoy it more than me. I was only going to throw it on when I walked the dogs”. I was so happy! I thanked her (probably too many times) & closed the door….then I thought walk the dogs……in this??? LOL!!  
Hope you enjoyed,

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  1. says

    Girl you have a nice collection. I have the vest from TJ Maxx I got it for $29.99 =) love the stole in the first picture. I have been searching for one. I just gave my friend in NYC a real fur I found at the vintage store

  2. says

    I love faux fur. The fur collars I’m thinking of putting with everything. lol Prissy, how is the dressing room/closet going?

  3. says

    Your little family of furs are so pretty and the stories behind them so interesting! I can definitely see you busting them out to wear as soon as the thermometer drops…

  4. says

    What a collection of pieces! I’m going to help you get the necessary cold weather so you can rock em and showcase for us!! Can I just lust over your shoe collection AGAIN?! Xo

  5. says

    The burgundy one, you know the one you stole from your G-ma, LOVES IT!! lol I am also really feeling the dog walking fur at the end. lol I can’t get enough of faux fur!! Your shoe collection in the background is amazingly organized and versatile! I would love to see your closet! Kiah

  6. mia says

    Girl I’m looking for a long vest too. I’m so happy you found one. Maybe I need to visit my TJ Max because I never go in there.

  7. Charee says

    I am so jealous!!! OK, I think I NEED the one your neighbor ended up bringing to you, that is too!!! Giiiirrrrrlll, go on and gift it to me OR post it in your shop so I can buy it! hahahahahahhaahhahahhaha

  8. says

    How did I miss this post. Gorgeous, gorgeous.
    i am also quite ready for autumn weather, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. We had none stop sun and heat since April.
    have a grand weekend, my dear Prissy.

  9. says

    Prissy that coat you got from your grandmother is I always wished I would luck up on a fur from a family member but no such luck yet!

    Great post on your furry friends

  10. says

    Oh my!! I luv fur too but I have such crappy luck finding a good fit. I have also tried Marshall’s, NordRack and TJ Maxx but to no avail! You have such fab finds — can’t wait to see how you wear them! Funny story about your neighbor!

    That maroon/burgandy one is TDF! I need that — send immediately! It’s cold as heck in chicago I could use it!!

  11. says

    That long fur vest from Marshall’s is perfect! I’ve been looking for one since last season and can’t seem to find one that is flattering on my body type. I’m still hopeful =) Great collection Prissy!

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