Nailed It: Nirvana

Happy Monday! Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. Mine was ok. Didn’t do much, as usual. I did go thrifting, but was disappointed because I really didn’t find much. Actually, I only found 1 pair of pants. But they are the perfect color of cobalt blue. I’m on a mission to find vintage leather pants & shorts. I guess my search continues…..
On Saturday, I polished my nails & decided to go with a taupy-brown. This is such a pretty color. It seems like every time I visit my cousin in Atlanta, I’m reminded of how pretty neutral colors are. She’s a HUGE fan of  nudes, browns, and taupes.  
Nail color: Sinful Colors Nirvana, Top Coat: NYC In a Minute Quick Dry 

Quite a  few of you have requested a tutorial on how I polish my nails so neatly. I really just take my time with it, and always lay my hand on a flat surface. I think a video would be so boring. It would be like watching paint dry……literally! LOL!
Talk to you soon, 


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26 responses to “Nailed It: Nirvana”

  1. Perfect color!

  2. Inez says:

    Yes you do a great job! That’s a great color.

  3. Rocquelle says:

    That’s a lovely color!!

  4. Ooooh yes! I’m definitely looking for that color today! Lol

  5. Mello says:

    That’s a nice neutral!

  6. A R Hawkins says:

    LOL!!! Love that color too!!! I just took my acrylics off and am anxious to start painting my nails once they recover a little bit.

    Also check out my blog when you get a chance:

    I have bestowed you with a ‘Kreativ Blogger’ award.

  7. Sing says:

    I like this color.

  8. Bibi says:

    Prissy i love this color so much that when i get out the house today, i’m heading to a beauty store to find it *jotting down nirvana* lol

  9. that color is so chic! Love it <3

  10. gorgeous fall color

  11. *chants*

    I want a video! I want a video!

    LOL! Lovely color!!

  12. I just love that color, perfect for the fall weather.

  13. Marina says:

    Great color perfect for Fall.!!!

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina

  14. Ariel B says:

    I love this color, it is one of my favorites. I wear it all the time!

  15. Kay Cee says:

    That is a perfect color…I too am attracted to neutral colors. I usually use them for my finger nails and on my toes I get a wild funky color.

  16. Kiah says:

    I have that same color! Love it! Girl I adore the SInful Colors collection! My daughter and I have tons of colors from this brand. We both agree that they last longer than a lot of higher priced ones. I have a Chanel polish (that I paid way too much for) and the Sinful Colors brand lasted longer. I did a review on Sinful Colors when I 1st started blogging last year but I deleted it! lol Kiah

  17. Erika says:

    This is such a great color. You do such a great job polishing your nails. I don’t have a steady hand or patience. Great job.

  18. Veronique says:

    This polish reminds me of OPI..You don’t know Jacques. I was sooo in love with it, I had three bottles!
    U could never find it in the stores.
    Hey Prissy…..

  19. That color is gorgeous! I love it! btw, I gave you a blog award!

  20. Chanel says:

    Love this color. Reminds me of You Dont Know Jacques by OPI, which is my favorite for fall.

  21. betty boop says:

    im going out to by this color asap i dont have nails lol but i do keep my toes nice

  22. Patience says:

    Love the nail polish color.


  23. Dre Davis says:

    I love this color! I am always grabbing new Sinful Colors polishes because they have such a variety of colors. But I must say, I have never seen this hue. I am now on the lookout!

  24. what a great color

    xo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  25. Mz More says:

    Gorgeous. Reminds me of Essie Mink Muffs, one of my faves!

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