The Lust List

Hi guys, I wanted to show you a few of the shoes that I’ve been lusting after lately. Enjoy!
Her name is Lola! Isn’t she fabulous?

Blythe has me speechless!

These have me thinking Wicked thoughts…..

These are Xtra fabulous!


 I dont need another pair of leopard shoes, but wouldnt you say Fringe is an exception to the rules?

Are any of these on your lust list?


New Shoes: Wild Pair Edie Pump
New Shoes: Jessica Simpson Waleo
New Shoes: Bakers Stinger
New Shoes: Report Signature
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21 responses to “The Lust List”

  1. Jazmine says:

    Yes!!! Got my eye on the last pair, but im thinking ill end up with the all black version.

  2. Carsedra says:

    I recently discovered blog and I love your style!! I’ll be the first to admit I am no fashionista (my thing is my baking) but I am a lover of fashion. I try to be fashionable/stylish but in MY own little way. Looking at your blog it’s helping me not to be afraid to branch out and try new things. I have thoughts in my head about what I want to wear but at times I’ve been too afraid. Not anymore, after seeing your blog and some others I have in the past couple of days been trying some new things. I even raided my moms closet the other day because she has some skirts, dresses and blazers that I really think I can work with. I have also discovered more about all the great places to shop to find those nice vintage/thrifted pieces here in ATL. I knew there were some here but I just didn’t know where to go look outside of the Goodwill!! 🙂

  3. Carsedra says:

    And by the way I love the Lola, fierce just fierce!! Red is my favorite color and I have an outfit at home I can see those going with!!

  4. Dani says:

    I LOVE Lola!! They are all fabulous. Can’t wait to see which ones you rock!!

  5. Shoe love!!!!! Oh my I think Lola is my favorite pair!

  6. Renae says:

    Blythe has me over here lusting. Blythe is the exception to the rule! It doesn’t matter how many pairs of leopard shoes one has.. she has to be in the midst of them! By the way… your shoe game is FIERCE!

  7. Lynn says:

    *FAINTS* Prissy, I am totally diggin’ all of these and I know you can ROCK ’em all 2!!!!!

  8. Inez | Style Chic 360 says:

    Oh my!
    Love all these!

  9. Nekiah says:

    Girl that last pair is calling yo name….can’t you hear it? “Prissy…..oh Prissy”!! lol Kiah

  10. Chris says:

    Me and you both ;D
    Loooove to have ALL of what’s here~

  11. LaTasha says:

    You had me at Lola! Swell!

  12. Caitlin says:

    Oh no… I can feel my shoe shopping addiction kicking into overdrive. The first and last pair are killing me. I don’t NEED another pair of leopard print shoes but I sure as heck WANT them! Your taste in shoes is as flawless as your style Prissy! Dream day would be shoe shopping with you with an unlimited budget, if I win powerball it’s gonna happen!

  13. love the second on because of the gorgeous colors, they would look amazing with so many different looks

  14. Choc says:

    Buy them ALL!!

  15. I love Lola and the leopard! The leopard is just MAJOR!


  16. OMG! I’m lovin’ all of these! My favorite would have to be…”WICKED” H-O-T!

    7eventh Letter

  17. The Lola and the Leopard are my fav!!!

  18. Erin says:

    The sequinned wedges are absolutely fabulous.


  19. Jeeda says:

    Ok, Fringe is OC!!! Love’em…they would most definitely be in heavy rotation!

  20. Those leopard shoes are so cool.

  21. tasha says:

    Currently lusting after all the shoes you listed. Im going to see which one is going to make the shoe shopping cut for this month… lol

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