New Shoes: (and Giveaway Winner)

Steve Madden was having their 40% off sneak peek sale, and I decided to get these! They are soooo pretty in person. They were only $60 when I bought them, but have since gone back to their regular price of $100.  I wish they had them in blue as well!
 Can you believe these were only $33? Yep! You know I always love a great deal!

I also need to announce the winner of the Guess watch! Drumroll please……..and the winner is……Comment #22 Shanna!!! Congratulations, girlie!!! I hope you enjoy it!

Talk to you soon,


New Shoes: Wild Pair Edie Pump
New Shoes: Jessica Simpson & Steve Madden
New Shoes: Steve Madden
New Shoes: Report Signature
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21 responses to “New Shoes: (and Giveaway Winner)”

  1. Give me those shoes, Prissy! lol but serious!
    Great deal you got!

    Congrats Shana for winning!!!

  2. Fab shoe finds!!!!! They are such pretty shoes! Congrats Shana!

  3. Charee says:

    Giiiirrrll, send me those $33.00 shoes when you get tired of them if they are an 8.5. I am loving those!!!!!!!!

  4. Love the shoes & good job with finding them on sale.

  5. Lynn says:

    Awesome deal… Gone & hook a sister up with them kicks since it is my Birthday!!!!! #Forreal

    Congrats Shana!!!!!

  6. Shanna says:

    I’m SUPER happy I won! OMG! Thanks Prissy! I can’t wait to receive that fab watch 🙂 WOW this is such a pleasant surprise, esp after the day I’ve had so far!!!
    Plus, those heels are fierce girlie!

  7. vonnie says:

    looooooooove those top purple shoes

    Vonnie of

  8. love the purple ones because of the color! the shape is perfect and the color can be worn in the fall! just wear it with a sock and they will look insane in the fall! fabulous pair

  9. Eboni says:

    Oooh yes, Prissy! I want those magenta shoes… you didn’t tell me about those! LOL!!!! Why didn’t you get me a pair? 🙂

  10. Adiya says:

    These shoes are amazing!!!

  11. I can already imagine outfits with the shoe! Amazing color!


  12. Tima from Editor & Chic says:

    OOoooh cute shoes!!!

  13. Dami says:

    Those shoes are fabulous doll. Right shade too xx

  14. Moni says:

    Yes finaly i found a good fashion blog!!! i have created a fashion blog to…just now but will start to put pics these days! hope we stay in touch

  15. Julie says:

    those shoes are to die for!

  16. Cherrie J. says:

    Love those shoes!! They are both to die for!! And the heel on both of them are super sexy!! LOVE it!!

    -Cherrie <3

  17. Jelena says:

    I really can not make up my mind which pair I prefer, I am so smitten now!!!! Fab finds hun!!!!!;)

  18. budget chic says:

    Hey lady, did you know your blog was not forwarding for a while when you switch to Welcome to the wordpress family! Love the shoes, so hot! That color is amazing!

  19. jealous. period. how the heck did I miss this sale?!


  20. Vivi says:

    Those tan heels are amazing! Love the material.

  21. tasha says:

    Both of those are super cute. Love the second one a lot… too bad winter is coming

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