New Shoes: Jessica Simpson Waleo

I went to the mall yesterday in search of new shoes. I wanted the Jessica Simpson Waleo in Miami green, but they didn’t have my size. I ended up getting them in cranberry. I figured these will also be cute for fall/winter. Jessica Simpson has some really nice new arrivals. She is winning my heart slowly but surely!
I’m picturing these with a teal dress, what do you think?

Talk to you soon,

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  1. Inez of Style Chic 360 says

    iWant all of your shoes…and that lamp in the background too! :)))

    I think they would look great with a teal dress!

  2. Absolutely Mrs. K says

    oh girl, those shoes look insane, they are like perfect. the texture is gorgeous and i love the dirty purple. nothing can beats the shape. they will look insane with so many things

  3. Lexy of BeautyFash says

    Love the shoe "photoshoot"!! They are gorgeous!! They will definitely look great with teal, I am seeing these with navy too… HOT!

  4. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" says

    AHHH YES M'AM!! Those are fierce! Loving that lamp. I think you may need to do a room post. That color on the wall and that lamp looks like you might have a treasure in the background! ;-)Kiah

  5. LoveMeMore says

    I know this is all about the shoes, which I love, but the lamp in the background…I need in my life!

  6. Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans says

    OMG, those are beautiful! & with teal, they look amazing.

    xo $ARMIN

  7. downtownchicagobarbie says

    I have my eyes on the Mint Green ones too. I'm buying those with my next pay check you best to believe… These are hot too. You have a wicked shoe collection.

  8. Mz More says

    These are too cute and I love the color. Would look great with teal or a mustard dress with gold accesories 😉

  9. budget chic says

    hey Diva,

    Those are fly, I might have to get those in the Miami green. I love Jessica Simpson as well. I have so many of her shoes. The best thing she could have ever done was launch a shoe line. Great choice!

  10. Bajan Beauty says

    Sooo pretty, gosh I wish I wasn't so leary of colored shoes, smh. I need to snap out of it! lol.

  11. Ms. Allee says

    Gorgeous!* A teal dress would be perfect indeed!* Can't wait to see you style them!*


  12. Sing says

    I was just telling a friend how nice her shoes are and I'm very impressed with her line.

  13. TyshaJames says

    VERY NICE! I usually don't do suede but that cranberry color is to die for! YESSS a teal dress would look FAB with these shoes! Or even cognac accessories with the teal dress would look killer! xoxo ty

  14. High Heels & Good Meals! says

    Yes, I think those shoes would be perfect with a teal dress….loving the lamp!!!

  15. MrsSaditty says

    Lovely and they would be fierce with teal. This may sound strange but I think that these would absolutely ROCK with yellow!

  16. drreginia says

    Your shoe game is unstoppable. The teal dress should be perfect. I can't wait to see your post.

  17. downtownchicagobarbie says

    I most definitely tag you to see your top ten shoes of the summer and a peek inside your shoe collection.

  18. Savonne says

    A girl after my own heart. I can honestly and proudly say that I am a shoe whore.

  19. Kerissa says

    Waves the I'm a Jessica Simpson fan flag. I LOVE these. I wanna make a beeline to the mall but….I'm running out if storage space. Teal, a floral print dress you hun will make them absolutely even more spectacular my shoe fairy (;

  20. Strictli Hair says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes!!! I practically LOVE all of Jessica Simpsons shoes!!! There are especially awesome for the short chic like me! :))

  21. Katie Mac says

    I think a teal dress and these shoes equal perfect…can't wait to see!

  22. Cortnie Elizabeth says

    Ummm yes please! Love the color. Jessica Simpson makes some amazing shoes. My go-to pumps are by her and they're soooo comfortable. I could kick myself for not getting them in another size.

    Check out my blog some time at!

  23. pretty haute says

    I say yes, man you love shoes. WHat size you wear cause the day I meet you I will def be leaving with your shoes. So make sure you have an extra pair for YOU to go home with 😀

    I tagged you for Best Blog award, check out my site:)

  24. Jayla says

    I could totally see those shoes with a teal dress. I actually have a couple of teal dresses I could wear them with. What shoe size do you wear? just kidding! love them

  25. J'Adore Fashion says

    I love the color! Next time you to go mall, buy one and FedEx it to me—I will inbox you my address 😀


  26. FOXY ET AL..... says

    I'm gonna need this asap
    By the way I nominated you for a blog award!!!

  27. Carolina says

    i love the color of them! i have some similar to these, but in purple :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!

  28. The Dumpy Duchess says

    girl, those shoes are HOT! me and miss barbara (my mama) are still raving about the shoes your wore to Fashionable Atlanta! It was great meetin you honey!

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