Oh Heel No!

I’m frequently asked “Do you wear heels ALL the time?” I would say, I wear heels the majority of the time, but not ALL of the time. When I go shopping or thrifing, I dont wear heels. When I go to the grocery store or BBQ’s I dont wear heels. Just because I’m wearing flats, that doesnt mean I would just throw on anything and head out the door. I still like to be “put together”. Casual cute is what I call it.
Would I love to wear heels all the time? YES! Would I love to be able to cook, clean, and sleep in heels? YES! Is that sanely possible? I think not! Am I lying in bed typing this post while wearing a pair of my fav heels??? Of course, I am!!!

Dress: Cotton On, Cardigan Necklace Earrings: Kohl’s, Shoes: Old Navy, Purse: Thrifted, Ring Bracelets: F21 & H&M


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Talk to you later,

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  1. Absolutely Mrs. K says

    heels or no heels, you look smashing, i love love that dress. the color and the print are phenomenal. love it with the cardigan. i am a huge fan of a look like this where the cardigan has the same length as the dress. love it

  2. sacramento says

    I adore you in heel, but those flats show your fantastic legs.
    I told you how much i like your new hair, but just in case, I tell you again.

  3. Tye says

    I love the dress Prissy..you look very pretty and just because you aren't wearing heels doesn't mean you still can't be FAB and you definitely are. That hair is sooooo cauuuttte..I'm loving the color as well.

  4. Laura says

    You look so casually gorgeous!!!! I can't get over your hair it's so cute!!!!! I LOVE it!
    Anyway,… I concur when it comes to heel wearing I would wear them all the time if I could but in reality it just isn't practical.Though i wish it was.

  5. Mr. Goodwill Hunting says


    I get asked, do you ever wear sneakers?
    And I ask, "Do you ever wear dress shoes?"

    It kinda urks me when people ask that…

    I feel your pain!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. QueenDiva says

    I get asked the same thing all the time. But I do the same as you I wear flats when the situation clearly calls for flats. But I do love my heels and wedges… I really do
    But I love your flat/casual look… super cute!!!

  7. Sing says

    I love my heels too, but like you mentioned, it's just not practical to wear them everywhere all the time. But I will wear flats and switch to my heels when I get somewhere in a minute.

  8. Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards says

    I've been doing the layering thing with my bracelets lately…love yours Prissy girl.


  9. Mrs. J says

    I love heels too, but prefer a nice pair of flats. My heel size is usually a lot shorter then the fabulous one's you wear. So I could pretty much do either one. 😉

    Cute outfit and I love your dress especially the print.

  10. Baby Budget Blog says

    Loving that dress! Love the lacey/crochetted neckline. Love the ring too and the flats. I've worn flats for years and now I'm trying to get back into wearing heels! I just like walking fast and can't really do that in heels…:(


  11. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" says

    Love your long cardi with that dress girl! Wear what you want…when you want! I can't wear heels all the time because I have a bad back and sometimes it flares up so I usually rock wedges or a kitten heel. Your heels are your signature….and what a fabulous signature that is! Kiah

  12. Adrienne says

    YOu have great legs! LOL
    This is a very cute look. I have a pair of Jessica Simpson flat similar to this that I LOVE. I need to find another pair to replace them because I wear them ALL the time lol.

  13. Candace says

    Cute! I can't believe those shoes are from Old Navy. I love to wear heels as much as the next person but I really can't wear them all the time. I like how you still look chic and put together while wearing flats.

  14. S Nicole - lush expert says

    I LOVE your posts…Heels are awesome but it draws u to the shoe but with u wearing flats it draws u to the legs. Just depending on what u want to rock working the social catwalk. PERSONALLY I love heels because it commands a certain type of attention but my knees dont. Heels give me comfort & stability so it allows me freedom to sport myself socially….
    Love the pics as always!
    S Nicole

  15. Courtnee says

    Work has made flats a more regular thing for me so I'm trying to embrace it:0

    You look fab!

  16. Lexy of BeautyFash says

    Adorable outfit! I am embracing flats more and more each day, those sandals are so cute!

  17. ~L~ of Avid Accents says

    love this whole look especially that dress. I'm always running around, so flats are usually my best friend.

    too funny that you were wearing heels blogging, lol.

  18. Anonymous says

    Whoa! You legs are amazing! And so is your hair! I really like the print of this dress :)


  19. kdr*S says

    Love love love wearing heels as well but sometimes just have to give your legs a break.
    Sooooo, we have nominated you for a blog award. Check it out.
    Thanks for being fabulous!!!


  20. Kerissa says

    See why I didn't believe you had a daughter in HS. This looks is so effortlessly nice. I like the color combo. I rarely wear flats too but I have come really cute sandals that I don't plan on not utilizing during my time off from teaching. When you're tired of the thrifted handbag, I'll meet you to get it :)

  21. TyshaJames says

    I love this look, but what i love most is the print on that tunic and how well it compliments the blue cardi! tooo cute! and how cool is your body cross bag! I love it all! xoxo Ty

  22. StylePantry says

    That's a funny title :) Uhm, you have amazing legs, daily. Very jelly!

    Love the outfit, and I like that you wore flats with them. Relaxed chic look.

  23. Inez of Style Chic....360 says

    U look so effortless! I love your comfy put together look!

  24. LV says

    Very cute! Love your accessories and the color on your nails. Casually chic and effortlessly stylish.

  25. J'Adore Fashion says

    I get asked the same questions too! Love the dress and those shoes from the previous post are badass :)

    Ps: Thanks for the birthday wish!


  26. Cheryl-Ann Charles says

    I love all that you've been doing with your hair! And your legs are so lovely in these photos. Super cute and adorable in those sandals!


  27. Cartia Cartel says

    Casual cute – I LOVE THAT! Like you, I love the instant chic-ness that heels lend to any outfit but there are times when flats are preferred and/or necessary. I've learned how to be chic in flats for both casual and somewhat dressy occasions!

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