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Do you guys remember me winning this fabulous giveaway on The Shoe Girl’s blog? Well, I won the giveaway about a month & a half ago. It seems like it took me forever to decide on which shoe I wanted. After many of your votes, it was clear that the majority of you wanted me to pick the Linnett pump. LINNET
Well, I finally placed my order for Linnett a couple of weeks after winning. Somehow, my order never got to the person who was supposed to place it. Apparently, it went straight into their junk mail. I was kinda happy & relieved! This was my opportunity to get the shoes that were calling my name. I didn’t initially order it because my Sweety kept discouraging me by telling me that they looked like Fred Flintstone shoes.  (Now……….*blank stare* *taps fingers on desk*……are you thinking what I’m thinking right now??? FRED FLINTSTONE DIDN’T WEAR SHOES!!! DUH!!!!).
So I re-placed my order and got the shoes that were meant for me & my feet….CARLE!!!
 Hi Carle, welcome home to mama!Photobucket



The red cow hair is amazing!  I don’t know if I’m going to wear them or just look at them! These shoes are truly divine.

Don’t forget to enter the Rock It & Roll It $50 shopping spree sponsored by Mimi Boutique!

Talk to you later,

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  1. Laura says

    Oh man oh man Those are hands down my favorites! I would wear them in a heart beat! Congratulations girl!!!!!!!

  2. Ife' says

    Yaaaaayyyy! I am soooo jealous! I WANT THOSE SHOES! They are so stinkin cute!

  3. Two Stylish Kays says

    Ooh, these red shoes can walk in a room by themselves and command attention. Happy wearing!

  4. God's Favorite Shoes! says

    I'm loving the red shoe way better than the other shoe:)

    Thank goodness for junkmail!

  5. sacramento says

    Fabulous choice. Dying to see you wearing them.
    Besos from Berlin.

  6. Storm says

    this is so inspiring, actually, you're whole blog is – the vibe is so great!
    Hope you'll pass by and follow too.

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