Give Me Color!

So I’m really, really trying to steer clear of my black uniform. I’m one of those people who will wear black year round. Bright colors & color blocking is very trendy for spring/summer. I am opting for more color in my summer wardrobe (oh and more skirts/dresses). I have already made my spring/summer clothing wishlist. More corals, yellows, & wedges!!
Let’s take a vow: Let’s vow not to buy another piece of black clothing until August! Who is with me? LOL
Pants: Rue21, Shirt: Thrif, Shoes: Madden, Belt: H&M,Clutch: JCPenney, Necklace & Bracelet: Purchased from a friend
I will give you guys another sneak peek of my closet next week. It’s not nearly where I want it, but I do have the shoes, clothes, and clutches portion complete and organized. My Sweety put up my sewing machine & table!! YAY!!  I need to buy some decor for it now….a rug, some curtains, a dress form, mirrors, etc. It just feels so cold and drab. But it feels good to have room to walk around in my closet.
The shoes I’m wearing are from my latest Madden haul. I received alot of comments saying that they look extremely high. Well, my friends, they are! BUT, because of the built in front platform, they are very do-able. They do make me look like I’m standing on stilts though…stylish stilts! Ha!

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New Shoes: Steve Madden Vanissa
My Inspiration
Rain, Rain....Go Away
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54 responses to “Give Me Color!”

  1. Vivi says:

    Bright outfit, indeed. Nice! I must…must…do a color block outfit sometime soon. And I'm with you on the 'no more black' until August.

  2. Sing says:

    Fab colors, I'm looooving it! I'm with you on the color, but I gotta throw in my black pants at least once in a while. lol

  3. RocquelleIsLovely says:

    Love these colors together, and those shoes are calling my name! I'm not big on black, though I need to find a black top in the next few weeks, so I can't take the challenge with you, but I will make sure you stick to no black buying until August! :-$

  4. Norell Alesse says:

    Love the color blocking you have going on here! The pink/coral looks great with the blue.

  5. sacramento says:

    I love the clash of colours: blue, pink, yellow. The touch of animal print in your cluth and your yewellery is pure genius.
    I am so glad to know that you are going to try more skirts and dresses, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    So looking forward to it.
    Much love , my dear Prissy.

  6. Darci says:

    I'm really working to embrace color. I too can wear black DAILY (and not feel bad about it)!

  7. Naturally Fashionable says:

    Love the color combo!!! My favorite color is black, but for the Spring I am been feeling like wearing neutrals. Lately, I have been wanting to add more color into my wardrobe. Loving your blog:-)

  8. Toria says:

    Haha@ stylish stilts! You rock it girl. Love the colour combo! 🙂


  9. Black Pearls says:

    Love the shoes!!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  10. Adrienne says:

    Ahhhh I JUST made a colbalt blue dress! It will post in the morning lol.
    I'm hunting for coral fabric but can't find any so I got this bright sunshine yellow instead!!

    Can not WAIT to see your closet!!!!
    I LOVE those shoes!

  11. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" says:

    I love those pants with those shoes! What a fabulous color on you! I can NOT not wear black. It is my classic year round color. haha

  12. hautepinkpretty says:

    LOVE the colorblocking! …and your shoes have just been added to my mental must have list. seriously. gorgeous!

  13. Superfashionista23 says:

    Very Cute!!! Love the color combinations. (especially the pop of yellow in the's so unexpected.

  14. Tierra says:

    I loveeee this! Love the colors and I like the necklace a lot!

  15. Laura says:

    Blue and Pink are the best together!!!! I love your necklace the sparkle is fabulous! I can't wait for Saturday!!!

  16. The Corner Shop says:

    Pink+Blue+a hint of yellow. I like!


  17. Courtnee says:

    Love all the color!!And those shoes!

    I don't wear much black but I've been wearing lots of nude,grey and beige so I'm excited the weather is warming up whcih always makes me want to wear color!

  18. I'm Just Me says:

    chic!!! love the colors!! 🙂

  19. Sunny says:

    I love wearing black too- but I love your color blocking. 😉

  20. **OnYxStA** says:

    This outfit is def gonna stand as inspiration of one of my next outfit posts….j'adore!!

    Onyxsta says BLEURGH!!

  21. DediLovesFashion says:

    love this outfit. =)

  22. Juanette says:

    Love the color combo! Thae bracelet looks like mine that I let Reiko borrow that she "forgot" to send back to me…who is this "friend" that you bought it from?!? 🙂

  23. J'Adore Fashion says:

    I heart those shoes and color!


  24. emily says:

    Wow gorgeous color combination! I absolutely love coral and bright blue together.

  25. simplychic says:

    you wear color well 🙂

  26. Corie says:

    You know what's crazy? I wento H&M yesterday, tried on a pair of coral jeans and turned them down because I felt like it was way too much.

    I really need to get out of that mentality. My closet is black, grey & brown.

    I love how well you wear color. I love the fit of the jeans too! This outfit would brighten up anyone's day!

  27. Fatshion And Fattitude says:

    they do look extremely high, but all your heels look extremely high (which you rock). lucky you for your closet. i just moved recently and i bullied my roomie into letting me have the walk in closet (i pay extra for it of course) but its sooo worth it! you sew?! can't wait to see your projects

  28. LV says:

    I like the usunual shape of your yellow bracelet (very cute), Your color blocking loos vibrant and beautiful. The colors look gorgeous together. And your nmakeup? Flawless.

  29. raven says:

    Blocked just RIGHT *snap snap*

    + I love that bangle!!! That was the same one I was plotting to steal from Reiko (but i didn't because she said it was borrowed) <3 it!!


  30. God's Favorite Shoes! says:

    OH MY GOD…This is like MY bracelet!

    (ummm…it's totally Juanette's bracelet:)

    It's OUR bracelet really:)

    Not really.

    Now it's mine because I won't give it back.

    P.S…I am a huge colorblocking fan.

  31. Absolutely Mrs. K says:

    oh wow color, i know that it is a trend and that many will follow that trend, but it actually a very hard trend to pull off. but you have nailed it. the blue looks smashing and i love the combination of the shoes and the jeans. the pink blouse looks so delicate, i love it because it is a soft pink. the jewelry are just perfect. and i am definitely in love with that clutch

  32. Natasha says:

    Very cute outfit and those shoes are nicee. Love the colors!!!

  33. ShayShay... says:

    your jeans fit you puuurrr-fectly.

    I loveee the colour blocking!!! too pretty!

    Thanks for checking out my blog as well!



  34. pretty haute says:

    love the color coral, it looks nice on you

  35. Mr. Goodwill Hunting says:

    You are right ready for the Spring.
    Make it Happen!!!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  36. Eugenia Woods says:

    What a great outfit! It was wonderful to meet you last night at Bloggers Unite. I hope to see you soon! Great blog!

  37. Mrs. J says:

    I'm with you no more Black Clothing!! 🙂
    Love the coral and bright blue together, this is a perfect example of color blocking done RIGHT!

    "stylish stilts" lol

  38. Charee Lenee' says:

    Love this outfit. It is so SPRING!!! I'm loving the color blocking trend too!!!

  39. Chanel says:

    Love the color blocking!!! Lol….no black isnt my fav color, but now that you mention it I do wear a lot of black. I love color too…I promise!!!

  40. Chic Therapy says:

    Color blocking at it's very best!loves it

  41. says:

    the Blue is lovely dear from the jeans to the it love it

  42. Natalie says:

    LOVE the colors on you, but you should have bought those BLACK plazzo pants from MISRED on Saturday! So great to meet you!!!

    xo- Natalie

  43. Kristin says:

    Coral looks amazing on you lady! I totally have an outfit put together for a post that is similar, but with coral on the bottom and electric blue on the top. LOVE that color combo. It was fabulous meeting you on Sat. I hope the rest of your time in Tampa was a blast!

  44. Belle de Couture says:

    Wow! The colors in this are phenom. Great look girl! 🙂


  45. Jaclyn says:

    Great colors! I really like those blue pants.

  46. ChicBrie says:

    Lovely! I so love this look! I thought I was the only person that wore that much black! lol. Love the Maddens!

    God Bless!

  47. Boîte à Nana says:

    I Love color block style, This blue is great on you, you look fresh!!


    ooh collorfull! NICEE 😀 i love the shoes, and u have some kick ass tattoo girl!

  49. TamStyles says:

    love the blue…and the coral makes the pop…

  50. Me Myself n' Why says:

    Ahhh just in time for spring! the colors are PurrrrrrFect for your skin tone!

    Love'n those shose…

  51. Bee says:

    Oh I'm so done with the blacks. I love all the colors on you. Esp the top and the pants 🙂 I'm sure you recieved quite a few comments about it on that day.

  52. Kerissa says:

    Blue blue blue blue bllluuueeee. Peerrrfecto!This is so springy and seem effortlessly colorblocked. The right amount. And your hair. I miss my thick mane. Maybe I'll post an old picture on my blog just because (giggles), a little inspiration by Rush Our Fashion. Hmmm…

  53. LADY D says:

    you are so beautiful i'm fallow you now babby

  54. ~Jeimy~ says:

    hey prissy thanks for stopping by my blog and showing me some luv you're blog is amazing too i will soo be checking you out from now on love your fierceeeeeeeeeeeee style !!! if you like we can start following each other feel free to stop by anytime xoxo


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