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Did you know that Rush Our Fashion is now on Twitter??? Well, I am!! There is a Twitter button on the right, so feel free to follow me! I have been on Twitter all week. I think I’m really starting to understand how to actually use it, and ashamed to say that I may become addicted.  I have been chatting with my blog friends all week. Shout out to Eboni, Tysha, Charee, Ty, Corie, and Fashiondujour (ya know, I just realized that dont know your real name??) LOL.
I think these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I love all of the colors & the snake print. They are some comfortable and versatile. I literally wear them with anything!! 
I put myself on shopping restriction…don’t worry, its only for 1 week!! Haha!! I’m going to Tampa soon & I want to save money so that I can stop there. There is a mall in Tampa that has the best curry chicken that I’ve ever tasted (besides mine, of course). Can you believe we found curry chicken in the mall?? It is so good that we always eat there, and order a to-go plate!! LOL
Skirt & Clutch: F21, Shirt: Cotton On, Necklace: Charming Charlies, Shoes: BCBG, Earrings: Coach (gifted), Bracelets: Random
If you are on Twitter, let me know!!

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52 responses to “Tweet Tweet”

  1. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" says:

    I love the skirt, shoes and clutch! Congrats on Twitter (I don't even know what that is). lol Have fun on your trip! Kiah

  2. Marta says:

    i'm in love with this outfit!

  3. Juanette says:

    Guuuuurrrrrllll you play TOOOOOO much! I want those shoes!!! I saw them online somewhere but didn't know where they were from and now you have them! We need to do a swap! Oh and fab skirt, I got sidetracked!

  4. Juanette says:

    I meant fab OUTFIT not skirt and send me that clutch as well maam…thank you and good night…

  5. Alyssa says:

    Love this outfit! Midi skirts are my absolute FAVORITE!

  6. Absolutely Mrs. K says:

    love the combination, so many patterns that clash, but it looks so stylish. the snakeskin and the leopard look fabulous together. love the bright colors of the shoes. they turn the volume up and they are a real eye catcher. every girl should have a quilted bag, so love the big bold clutch.

  7. Rhoda a.k.a xMiss-Charmingx says:

    very relaxed yet chic outfit. Those shoes are gorgeous 🙂

  8. Laura says:

    I Love the white shirt with the leopard skirt, really a genius pairing! Plus a trip to Tampa sounds good along with that chicken..

  9. Laura says:

    p.s. I'm def gonna be a twitter friend =)

  10. TyshaJames says:

    OOOOOH miss thang! i luv the skirt! And i couldn't even tell that those shoes were snake print! I love the color! very summery…. HAHA yes indeed we are twitter addicts! xoxo TY

  11. The Corner Shop says:

    great ensemble. Will check you on twitter


  12. Ty says:

    Love! I WANT that clutch! And the skirt! Just give me the whole outfit! LOL!

  13. God's Favorite Shoes! says:

    Okay, okay…I'll trade you the black sheer skirt for the leopard skirt!

    Final offer…We can totally do a swap! (I'm soooo serious!)

  14. Vivi says:

    Great pairing with the skirt and shoes. Have fun at Tampa!

  15. sacramento says:

    I am on twitter, but I never check my mobil phone. Yes, I am one of the…hehehhehe
    Being a lover of skirt, as you know by now: I adore this outfit, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Killer shoes and clutch bag.
    Much love, dear Prissy.

  16. Darci says:

    Love the shoes! I can't wait until I can pull out my sandals. Chicago just isn't nearly ready for open toes yet!

  17. Kimberly says:

    Those are some seriously gorgeous shoes!!

  18. Jen says:


    J x

    p.s. i'm on twitter too – JenElectro

  19. Sunny says:

    Gorgeous look!

  20. Baby Budget Blog says:

    Those are some pretty cool shoes! Love that skirt too! Hmmmm…may have to pop by Forever21 soon 🙂

  21. Sing says:

    Very nice outfit, love all the pieces together.

  22. Toria says:

    I have that skirt also! Hehe! Love how you styled it! 🙂

  23. simplychic says:

    lol @ the curry chicken in the mall. i appreciate a girl who enjoys food like me 🙂 🙂

    i love that skirt. i was eying one similar at f21 online but they didn't have one in the store 🙁

    i'm on twitter @simplychic08!!

  24. Adrienne says:

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the skirt and those shoes!!!!!!!!

  25. Naturally Fashionable says:

    I love this fly!!! I am trying to tackle this maxi/long skirt look because it so chic.

  26. **OnYxStA** says:

    Love that oversize clutch! Very Chanel-esque 🙂

    Xisses Onyxsta

  27. Norell Alesse says:

    Oooh, I really love this entire look. I've always had an affinity for animal print (when done right, lol), and I love the way you've paired your skirt with a classic oxford shirt. It's the perfect combination of chic and fun!

  28. Mook says:

    I love the outfit Prissy! 🙂

  29. Superfashionista23 says:

    Love the clutch and Skirt! Fab!

  30. Savonne says:

    Love, love, kove this skirt. Just fantabulous.

  31. Flygurl74 says:

    Girl, ur doing the most!!! Luv, the outfit!!!

  32. BESOS LYNN says:

    The shoes are fab, as usual. I love it paired with that print skirt! F21 always surprises me, great find.

  33. Catherine says:

    WOW love your skirt and shoes darling xoxo

  34. Ife' says:

    There goes that clutch again! If I see you on the street, you better watch your back. haha! just kidding!!!

    I love those shoes, too. You look fab. Love the neutral palette with the pops of color from the shoes and necklace. Very nice!

  35. MsMedSchool says:

    love that skirt!

  36. I'm Just Me says:

    chic!!! love the look!!
    thnks 4 the comment :))
    following 🙂

  37. SoapyMermaid says:

    you are wonderful! so much class!

  38. pretty haute says:

    love your BCBG shoes follow me @prettyhaute 🙂

  39. LV says:

    Love this look! Gimme that clutch! You always look so amazing. Your shoes always look so bomb they could probably when a fashion show all by themselves. And I love that color pop from the necklace. Great style from head to toe…

  40. Dhalia Rodriguez says:

    Lovely pics…love the skirt.


  41. J'Adore Fashion says:

    OMG! I love and want hat skirt! I love leopard! Gorgeous hun!

    PS: Thanks for the comment


  42. Mimi says:

    Love it! Following you on Twitter. I'm @glossymimi

  43. jada and jon says:

    love the skirt and heels….so good.

    if you like vintage clothing please come check out our site!!

    and if you follow our blog we'll hook you up with 20% off your first purchase!


  44. fashiondujourdaily says:

    Soooo…I need to borrow that skirt! LOL You make this look great!

  45. Corie says:

    Ok I seriously have to go to Forever21 … that skirt is just fire!!!

  46. God's Favorite Shoes! says:

    Juanette and I are on the phone as we speak talking about your shoe game.

    BAD ASS!

  47. hautepinkpretty says:

    I practically stalk forever 21.. how did i miss both that amazing clutch and gorgeous skirt!?! I love it! Great look love <3

  48. Charee Lenee' says:

    LOVE LOVE this outfit and the skirt and shoes are to die for. That pleated skirt is HAUTE and girl you already know how I feel about the shoes… a total SHOEGASM!!! lol

    I'm so behind on checking all the blogs I follow. I need to play catch up.

  49. Boîte à Nana says:

    I'm fall in love with your clutch!

  50. Me Myself n' Why says:

    since i love shoes, ill take those. and that look is the LOOK!
    I would have never thought to pair that skirt and those shoes together.

  51. Kerissa says:

    Why oh why do I always read a post after someone has probably purchased the last item I love? I was in F21 yesterday and I didn't see one maxi skirt or dress. Major sad face. If those shoes showed up in my closet I'd certainly smile again.

  52. LADY D says:


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