Dolce Vita (for Target)

 I know that Dolce Vita (which is one of my fav brands, by the way) made a line for Target a while back, but I hadn’t purchased anything. And as you all know, I love a good deal. I was in Target yesterday and just had to look in the shoe section. As mentioned before, I rarely wear flats, but I found 3 great pairs that I bought and wanted to show you guys. They were all on clearance for $7.48 each (in the store)…What a deal!!!
Studded Ballet Flat
Product Image Women's Dolce Vita for Target® Studded Ballet Flat - Black
I’m wearing the ballet flats today. They are comfortable so far!! And they look much better on your feet, than they do in the picture.
Black Oxfords

I’m wearing the studded oxfords tomorrow, so I’ll let you guys know how those turned out!!
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6 responses to “Dolce Vita (for Target)”

  1. plentyforpennies says:

    See, I used to LIVE in flats but after I started my blog, I decided to stop being lazy and to get back into wearing heels. These flats however would cause me to relapse! Really love the last pair!

  2. Sing says:

    I struggle with finding comfortable cute flats. But I like all of these. I'm going to check my Target out and see if they have the oxfords.

  3. Niki Cheapskate says:

    the studded flats were marked down at my local store, but they didn't have my size. darn

  4. Zarna says:

    what a steal! i'm going to see if i can find those studded oxfords! they're so cute!

  5. sheilagombya says:

    Lovely l like the lst one especially. put them on and post some pictures dear

    sent you an email by the way check your mail

  6. Barbious says:

    i love the last shoe

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