1,2,3 Stripes…You’re out!!

This weekend was oh-so boring, but relaxing. I didn’t do much. I did however go thrifting. That in itself was relaxing. UNTIL….this lady came in with her kid that decided he wanted to throw tantrums & work everyone’s nerves. Once she finally left, I enjoyed to remainder of my shopping excursion. I found some good stuff. I vowed not to purchase another blazer, but I saw a floral one that was calling my name and asking to go home with me. I washed it yesterday, and now it proudly sits amongst the sea of other blazers & coats. I also found a leopard sheer dress that I plan to rework.  Cant wait to show you guys.
Blazer:Thrifted, Pants: Worthington, Scarf & Socks: H&M, Ring: Rue21, Shoes: Bakers

**Edit…I got a few requests for a closeup of the shoe/sock combo!**
How was your weekend? Anything exciting?

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21 responses to “1,2,3 Stripes…You’re out!!”

  1. Fashion Rehab says:

    Lovely outfit!! I am really feeling your blue blazer!! 🙂

    Fashion Rehab

  2. Kiksy says:

    OMG. Girllllllllllllllll! I am in LOVE with your outfit. The shoes are to die for!!!! <3

    my weekend was crazzzyyyyy i went partying with my girls. it was so much fun! Next weekend, ill be having a relaxed weekend though! i cant handle the nightlife two weekends in a row! LOL.

    love, kiksy xx

  3. Dhalia says:

    Prisyyyyyyy….those worked in leopard socks are cute girl!


  4. thomessa says:

    Lovely outfit! That is a gorgeous ring!

  5. Katie Aman says:

    Wow, that shoe/sock combo is FAB! And that blazer looks great on you. 🙂

  6. Rosa Pel says:

    love ur blazer !

    follow me back !

  7. SheilaGombya says:

    Love the Blazer..here its so hard to get nice genuine stuff…how l wish l could get a way o shopping some…all the way from there..

    Thanks for dropping by my blog..l use gmail to chat..can we chat..now..

    my email is sheila.gombya@gmail.com,send me you postal address so l can send you some african accessories we make here

    sheila**from Uganda***

  8. guccilily says:

    i also tend to buy every $2 blazer i see! i love them 🙂


  9. TyshaJames says:

    fab! can i get a close up of your shoes? i had no clue that this was a sock/shoe combo till i read under your pic! very nice!

  10. simplychic says:

    very cool!

    my weekend was perfect….brunch, movies, mimosas, great weather etc

  11. Shevah says:

    I'm in love with the socks and the heels. They look so amazing. Aren't the H&M leggings so comfy? They're my favorite seriously.


  12. Alissa says:

    Ok! You freaking rock. I would have never thought to ever mix a printed sock with a sandal. I love it. How fly is your outfit. I'm most definitely following you.

  13. gen321 says:

    I just had a flashback of my college roommate, strutting around the campus of Wilberforce University in the late 80's, wearing tube socks and espadrille wedges. She made it look cool and you have made the sock with open toes look very cool. LOVE IT!

  14. myedit says:

    Thrifting is totally relaxing! Well, until there are tantrums… I try to be patient but in my mind I think this tantrum is ruining my version of therapy.

  15. Prissy says:

    Thanks guys for all of the lovely comments. And just think, I was hesitant about posting this outfit because I didnt know the reaction I'd get 🙂

  16. Tina says:

    just found you from Alissa. Love the socks and heels. I've never seen it done with patterned socks and this is definitely the best way to do it!

  17. Latise says:

    Please tell me how you washed your blazer, because I have 11, yes 11 that I need to 'wash' and I don't wanna take a $4 blazer to the cleaners! Help, please!

  18. bee says:

    Love that sock/heel combo- perfection!

  19. Barbious says:

    those shoes.. are hot.. love the animal print socks

  20. Ife' says:

    I adore the red sandal + leopard socks combination! SUPER CUTE!!!

    this look is perfectly balanced with mixed prints! love it!

  21. Catherine says:

    definitely love your style, dear. I'll be back 😉
    you look perfect in this outfit xx

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